The Big Question: BBQ Or Tomato Sauce?

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This is a sauce of great division. Debates have been had by infants.

BBQ. Or Tomato. That's today's question.

Personally: I'd always choose BBQ if I had to pick one. I've never fully been on board with the sweetness in tomato sauce, although I do like it when its mixed with BBQ.

But if it was just one? BBQ all the way. Although I think tomato goes better with mustard (for hot dogs) than BBQ does.

But what do you think? BBQ or Tomato?


    BBQ. There is no doubt.

      BBQ on Pizza is like drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa.

        When it comes to "bbq vs tomato" though, tomato more refers to a ketchup than the tomato paste you'd use on a pizza.

        That kind of tomato sauce on a pizza is like shitting on the Mona Lisa.

          I thought maybe that might be the case but it's never explicitly stated in the article. Also, it'd be a shame not to include Pizza sauce in this discussion too when it's such a common battleground for these two sauces.

    Bacon and Eggs > BBQ Sauce
    Sausages, Hot Dogs and Pies > Tomato Sauce

      You aren't doing justice to sausages. I love me some Irish spiced pork sausages with BBQ sauce. If you're talking boring old beef sausages then it's definitely tomato.

        yeah just regular snags. If I want something fancier I'll get actual gravy

    Chilli. Not that sweet rubbish - as hot as you can get it. With your sausage and eggs in the morning, on your pizza base, in your sandwiches, with your kimchi, in your pasta... everywhere. Except your eyes and your junk. That'd be bad.

    Tomato sauce - NO, get ketchup. So much better.

    BBQ Sauce - Yes, if it's a a good one. The bourbon/brown sugar flavoured ones are great. Bonus tips if you can get one with real bourbon. Got a jar of that for Xmas last year. It went very quickly.



      Is the difference high fructose corn syrup?

        Much better taste. Less overpowering sweetness.

      This. Tomato sauce is what you make to put over a nice pasta. Tomato ketchup is a proper condiment. Whoever it was that decided to make a shitty sweet ketchup-like thing and call it 'sauce' was a true monster.

    Option C: who gives a fuck.

      not interested? then move along. you cnut.

        It's a spammy article that doesn't even belong in someone's shitty personal blog.

          Then why waste yours and our time reading it or worse, commenting? Twice even? Oh and BBQ sauce.

          then dont open it and read it...

            I'm providing Alex with feedback so he can improve his articles.

              This isn't an article. It's The Big Question, a pointless poll targeting regular community engagement over meaningless matters of X vs Y. You know it happens every week, right?

                He's obviously a tomato sauce lover..

                Aren't there ways to engage the community with something less dumb?

                  Nah, mustard all the way. @Kem because it replied to my own comment.

                  Last edited 20/07/16 1:35 pm

                  Sure, that's what stuff like community review is for.

                  Everything is dumb and pointless once you take a far away enough perspective.

    "I’ve never fully been on board with the sweetness in tomato sauce"

    What BBQ sauce have you been eating? BBQ sauce is basically tomato sauce with added Worcestershire sauce, mustard and lots and lots of sugar (depending on the type of BBQ sauce)

    Personally I prefer BBQ sauce. Tomato has its place (meat pies, sausage rolls, chips) but BBQ is generally better.

    That said, Sriracha or another chilli sauce is a staple that every person should have.

    Isnt bbq sauce quite similar to tomato sauce when made properly? Similar ingredients, the taste differs still. I think real tomato sauce is better, gotta have the apples

    i used to basically live of tomato sauce growing up, like most kids i guess.
    but i prefer ETA BBQ sauce these days, and when they had it available - Honey BBQ sauce.
    if im eating fish and chips i swing between BBQ sauce, or Tomato sauce mixed with Mayonnaise.

    BBQ sauce is like pineapple. It works best on pizza

      I think those are really good points except that they are the opposite of what is actually the truth.

        Some men just like to watch the world burn.

        Others still like to be the ones to throw the match :P

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    In the wise words of a good mate, "barbecue sauce is the new tomato sauce."

    Barbecue all day.

    Another vote for hot chilli.
    Throwing another one out there - HP > BBQ

    Tomato all the way! Not a fan of the BBQ sauce that gets put on pork ribs. After my Famous Dave's sauce ran out, I have been at a complete loss!! Did find Three Threes rib sauce at supermarket and can honestly say this is an awesome sauce to go with ribs and is tomato based! And no, I am not an employee or shareholder of Three Threes!!

    I have just discovered Byron Bay Chilli co coconut and chilli sauce.

    I am not a huge sauce fan, i tend to order pizzas with normal tomato over bbq sauce.

      Those Byron Bay sauces are pretty great. The habanero sauce with mango is great on basically everything.

    C) Green tomato sauce with a hint of BBQ sauce.

      Wow, shithead! In the least relevant article on kotaku you put your most honest n least trollish comment. What gives? Is this a vitaly important topic for you or u just losing your touch?

    This would of been a good occasion to include a poll ;)

    Tomato, for preference.
    I've not found a BBQ sauce that I like the taste of. Most I've tried have been too vinegar-y.

    I also really enjoy a dab of tabasco.

    There was a range of... Heinz sauces, I think? A few years back now, the were kind of "fancy" variants on the classics. The barbecue sauce they had there was a honey and cracked black pepper one, and it was *amazing*. Though their tomato sauce was all chunky and full of actual tomato, there was a variant with herbs and olive and another one that also had chilli in it. I normally don't really like tomato sauce, but those ones were great.

    So naturally, like anything good they were swiftly discontinued.

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