The Big Question: Steam Sales

Every time a new Steam sale comes around, people say they're done. Their libraries are full of unplayed games already. Their wallets are dry. The specials aren't good enough. And then they go and drop another $20, $30, $50, $100 or more on a bunch of games.

With the latest round of Steam discounts having come to a close, how did you fare?

I ended up not expecting to buy a whole lot, and ended up spending about $50 on a bunch of games that I'd had my eye on for a while.

I don't know whether it was worth it. I bought the Dawn of War Master Collection, but I've hit a bit of a brick wall with Dark Crusade. Drawful 2 was worth the wait — any Jackbox fan should pick it up — but I'm yet to properly invest the time into The Secret World to justify the $US20 I dropped on it.

Maybe I should have just resubscribed to The Old Republic if I wanted to play an MMO.

What about yourselves? Did you resist the urge to splurge? And are Steam sales really worth it these days?


    Personally, thought it was their weakest sale in a very long time.

      Totally agree, didn't buy a single title. Was hoping to grab Hyper Light Drifter or Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, or really anything decent, but didn't get a single thing.

      Games with 50% off, converted into Australian dollar, felt like normal Australian recommended retail pricing with 10% off...

    bought nothing 1) already have too many games to play 2) the specials dont seem that special any more 3) the fun of flash sales is gone, so there is no reason to religiously check back for a surprise 4) STEAM looks like $2 dvd section of an Discount Shop now days. Their front page is uninspiring and full of trash.

    They are despicable. Anyone who has purchased a game from Steam is funding child gambling.

      I think you're been hitting the stubbies too soon, champ.

        They knowingly allow kids to gamble CSGO skins that are traded for money IRL.

          And where are the parents?

          Following that same logic means I can blame fast food for my weight and not myself and I my family can take Danos Direct to court if anyone kills me with knifes bought from them.

          And why not stop there? I enjoy anime so does that mean I'm funding illegal whaling?

          No on all counts.

      At the moment I agree - never mind violence in games, once the mainstream media wakes up to this whole skins gambling caper (which incidentally I learned about not from Kotaku or Eurogamer, but Lateline of all places) then politician censoring violence in games will seem like the good old days!

      TLDR - if Valve don't fix their shit they will quickly go from a status of being the Industry Saint to looking worse than Zynga

    Yeah, just bought a couple things that I've wanted but not for full price.
    I expect most people are over the 'buy it just because it's cheap' mentality.

    In the past I've bought a whole bunch of titles that I didn't really want. Some of those remain unplayed to this day. So I tried something different this year - instead of buying a stack of heavily discounted games I might never touch, I did some digging and found Brigador - an awesome looking indie game that wasn't on sale - and paid full price for it. Based on the soundtrack alone I think I made a good choice!

      Yeah I started playing Remember Me last month.... Bought it years ago on Steam.

    0 bought but I am interested in like 2 or 10

    that game Sega just took over and a few other sandboxes

    Personally, Steam sales don't interest me anymore. It seems like the same 20 titles on repeat. I scroll down a bit, then eventually just give up. I'd prefer bigger discounts that go for shorter periods (ie flash sales).

    Having said that... we had a boozy laptop LAN on Saturday while the girls made cocktails. Being able to pick up games like Chivalry, DoW:Retribution, L4D2 etc for super cheap was pretty cool.

    The aussie dollar is a big reason why i don't buy in steam, that and the fact i have very little money to be spending on games.

    I only bought the Dying Light DLC The Following during the sales.

      This. There's no point when I can buy all the same games for cheaper here because of the Aussie dollar. I'm not really keen to buy off steam because of that reason. It's annoying to have to convert the currency value first to know what I'll have to pay.

    Bought nothing. Very uninspiring sale. The only games I'm interested in at the moment had pretty crappy price reductions. Seen better in the past. So, I'll just wait it out and continue to play my existing games.

    I think I bought more games than I did last year, mostly due to the fact that I had more money to burn. However I bought only 2 games from my wishlist, got more games through the queue thing.

    I had just handed my old gaming PC over to my son. Its his first gaming PC so I felt like i should provide him a starting collection for his steam library and got a few things for him. I must say it felt like a pretty average sale tbh though.

    Had 6 games on my shortlist, ended up getting 3 of them.

    Super Mega Baseball Allstars
    Wolfenstein New Order

    Ended up getting doom from Ebgames.

    Games I didnt get

    Just Cause 3 - even though i have a new rig its appparently still shitty and gameplay is the same old stuff

    GTA5 - finished it on ps3, was looking to get it for PC but wasnt cheap enough

    Transformers Devastron - meh

    I agree with most other people...the sales just aren't that great anymore (due to a few factors). Id rather wait and pay $60-$100 for the next new game that comes out to be able to play it at that time than spend $50-$100 on games that I may or may not play as id still probably get the new games anyway.

    that and I'm not too keen on the Steam/valve business model these days anyways from a consumer point of view (from a business point of view it is a fantastic money maker so hats off to them for that)...they seem to have just become this enormous corporate machine with little care for the gamers who got them there in the first place. But I guess that is progress for you.

    The steam sales certainly got me looking for bargains, in the end i bought an Assassins creed for $9 at EB and a heap of cars & tracks in Raceroom from their separate store.

    Once you do the AUD to USD conversion a lot of the bargains weren't really bargains at all.

      Also bought Ass Creed Unity from EB $9 (awesome price!). Rage quitted around Chapter 6 due to weird design issues I didn't like and the fact there is 4 currencies to keep track of WTF.

      Almost bought Watch Dogs as well for $9, but it would just be another game that I wouldn't really play.

      Finally got round to picking up Witcher 3 as well $35, which I promised myself I wouldn't buy until I finished Witcher 2, which I bought for full price day 1. Sigh.

        I haven't yet played Unity, it will sit on the pile for a while, but it was just too cheap to walk past. Even if I get bored of it 4 or 5 hours in, I will still have definitely got my $9 worth.
        I tried witcher 2 for about 8h but just couldn't get into it, I tried just before W3 released and it just wasn't quite what I was hoping for. Witcher 3 was though, it was exactly what I was hoping for so don't let W2 hold you back if you start losing interest, look up a story summary of W1 and W2 on youtube, get the back story and then hook into 3!

      Got the first Ass Creed for $5 last night on 360 back compat with X1!

    About $5.
    I got:
    A Boy and His Bloob
    Leo's Fortune.

    Played about 10mins of each.

    Not overly competitive on the bigger titles any more, so I save up all the money I've made idling while I watch internet TV and get a bunch of cheaper items for free. This time it was Pony Island, Lakeview Cabin, Party Hard and Crypt of the Necrodancer.

    Would have had more but had bought Ark with cards a few weeks before.

    steam sales are dead since that whole changeover where they got rid of flash sales, etc...

    I got Sunless Sea (I'm playing a lot of Fallen London at the moment so there's some cross-over content), Stardew Valley (of course), and Vector 36. Used my Steam Wallet funds from card selling, so only ended up spending ~$20. I'm happy with that.

      Played Sunless Sea when it was free one weekend, and I found the text so small as to be unreadable on my 46 inch TV. I think they were going to address this at some stage, I hope they do as it's one I'm keen on picking up next sale.

    Games made in the last 5 years - there are better deals elsewhere

    Games that are usually 10-20 dollars, discounted to $2.50 is an easy choice

    Picked up the Warhammer Vermintide game with a friend and had a crack at it. Was pretty fun.

    I found it quite good. Some of the deals were worth it and I was willing to take a bit more risk thanks to the 2 hour refund window. I bought the below:

    SOMA (finished this already, fantastic game!)
    Outlast (Playing at the monent, 1hr 30 mins in. Enjoying a lot so won't be refunding)
    Payday 2
    Mark of the Ninja (Played an hour and it wasn't my cup of tea, refunded it)
    Dust: An Elysian Tale
    Bioshock 1 + 2 + Minerva's Den (In prep for the upcoming remasters being released for free in September.)

    Last edited 06/07/16 12:27 pm

    I bought a total of 0 games for $0.

    Better deals elsewhere...I avoid Steam for all but a few indie titles (early access mostly) I can only get on Steam. Other than that I can get better discounts and pay in AUD on other sites.

    Picked up Tales of Symphonia and Elder Scrolls Online but that's it.

    I'll get around to them one day.

    Really weak sale - managed to avoid buying anything

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