The Big Question: Team Valor, Team Mystic, Or Team Instinct?

When you hit level 5, it becomes The Big Question. What Pokemon GO team do you join: Team Valor, Team Mystic or Team Instinct?

Team logos via Jackaloupe.

Most people I've come across seem to be falling into Team Valor or Team Mystic. I read both of their pitches at the very start, but Valor sounded a little too militaristic (like Gary, really) and Mystic's argument wasn't the most convincing.

And when I say that, I mean I've been calling my partner a hippie for a week because she joined Team Mystic. I don't care how many gyms she has access to.

But most people in the Allure offices don't care for Team Instinct. The only person not able to make a decision yet is Mark, since he's on holiday overseas.

So, two questions. In the comments below, tell us what team you picked and why. And for the poll running here: what team should Mark pick when he gets back?


    Red, because a bunch of my local ingress teammates suggested this so we could continue to play together. So we all went Red.

    Team Windows Phone

      Felt compelled to log in so I could up vote to show my solidarity.

      Keep on keepin' on.

        Thank you, there are literally dozens of us!

      *sobs into my windows phone* I still prefer it though.

        So do I :D I wouldn't change it for anything

          I keep trying to convert people =P

            o do I, I am going to Windows 10 on mine today, I didn't know you had to download an update advisor

              I haven't gone windows ten because it keeps warning me that it's still being tested on phones

                I like to live dangerously :), also it is already on my computer and tablet (a fresh new Surface 3) and I am loving it.

                  I'm just worried I'll screw up my phone

                @scree Fair point really, and I hope I don't experience that myself

                Also, apologies for not responding to your comment sooner, you made yours on Friday and I didn't see it until today

                  Oh no, you responded to a comment much later. What ever will I do =P It's all good.
                  I'm just waiting for microsoft to give me the all clear

    I was choosing between red and blue cause the majority of gyms near my home are ether red or blue .... so picked red cause I like the color red.

    Valor, because Red was my first game, Moltres is my favourite of the three birds, and I'm a ranga. =P

    Picked my team on launch day, because of all the gyms in the Melb CBD being Red/Yellow I picked Blue.

      Yeah on launch day everywhere in the CBD seemed to be Red or Yellow, but by knock off time there wasn't any yellow that I could see.

      And I'm such a cool hipster kid I chose yellow

    I'm just thinking how hilarious it must be for someone who maintains a site like this to be 'removed' from the whole experience with this damn game right now.

    We're either going to get a 'here's what it was like for me on holiday' (although I hope he bloody well relaxes) or he's going to come back and think the zombie apocalypse has begun.

    No benefit associated with colour, so I went game psychology theory on colour and player versus player performance, where competitve players will choose red over blue (halo, warcraft, rts, starwars ganes)... Red.

    Pfft I may be a hippie, but at least I'm a successful one! Enjoy your 4 gym collective, Yellow :P

    My phone isn't good enough to run it so my brother got to level 5 first and chose Valor. I'm getting my new phone tonight so will be going same team. Would have chosen Mystic myself otherwise.

    Same thing happened to me with started playing first and went Alliance. Worst mistake he ever made >.>

    Mystic cause Pokemon Blue was the first version I played!

    Instinct! Mystics are ok too, but if you picked Valor you are almost definitely a Bro-Dude asshat. Although I might be biased because my cousin picked Valor

    As with all important decisions, I picked the middle one so that the prompt would go away.

    Went with Valor, i asked my better half for her suggestion and she didn't give a crap Red being my favourite colour i chose that. We have a good mix in our suburb so often you see each team with a gym.

    Red team of GTFO

      Cant stand our Heat, can you, (it was a pun, cause we are fire type, get it? no... OK

    Blue team because I'm not a dirty red heathen, also blue was my first pokemon game.

    Team Yellow. Because it was the first option in the list. I just wanted it to hurry up and let me continue my walk. (Music doesn't do it for me when I go for a walk. So this is a good substitute. Also played ingress for a while. But more friends play pokemon so, now got friends to walk with too, and helps if we stop at the same points. Some differences between ingress and pokemon).

    i got really suprised before i even saw the poll results here, that mystic is the most popular. i went valor, thinking originally that it was phoenix emblem, but when i learnt it was the three legendary birds, im a bit sad i didnt go articuno or zapdos, as moltres was my least favourtie. o, woah is me.

    Blue cause Pokemon blue was my first and I don't like moltress and zapdos ain't as cool as Articuno

    Blue because blue was my first game.
    Probably would have ended up in instinct based on the sales pitches if colours weren't involved.

    I started with Pokemon Yellow, so I went with that here. Also with most of Brisbane being saturated with Blue and Red in the beta, I thought I should even the score.

    Plus our bird mascot is cooler, Zapdos

    I picked Mystic..... yet can someone explain to me what the teams actually mean/do? I've been playing since launch and still have no idea why it matters. It also doesn't help that every time I do anything at a gym the connection drops out and I have to force close the app.

    I picked blue, mainly because I was playing the blue team in Ingress (resistance).

    It was kind of funny during the beta, having people plead for a green team.

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