The Bleach Manga Is Ending Soon

The Bleach Manga Is Ending Soon
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Everything must come to an end, even Bleach.

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Back in 2013, it was announced that the manga was starting its final act. According to Seiyu Fan, that act will come to a close this spring when Bleach‘s 74th volume is released.

Manga artist Tite Kubo launched Bleach back in 2001. Since then, there have been anime shows, anime films, light novels, video games, cards games and even musicals.


  • should have ended years ago. blech this manga turned to shit once he started getting every conceivable power available.

    just seems like lazy writing for the sake of stringing it out.
    ive definitely enjoyed most of it, but feel like it could have ended long ago and i wouldnt have missed much.

    • i agree..

      the reasoning behind it is sound, and actually reaches back all the way to the beginning of the storyline, but the way the author executed it was just ridiculous.

      • Should’ve stopped at the final getsuga/capture of aizen. I stuck around for a few chapters after and was immediately turned off.

    • I agree, I really liked the rukia arc, but then after that, it just because filler while ichigo singlehandedly beat the crap out of everyone.

    • In my opinion, if they had trimmed it a bit, a good place to end it would have been the Arrancar arc as it clears up the loose ends leftover from the Soul Society arc.

      • maybe… but during the arrancar arc my interest started to diminish.. it was the same formula, with different boss fights….

        after arrancar arc i stopped following altogether.

        • Yeah, I agree. That’s why I suggested some trimming. I actually stopped watching the anime during the Forest of Huenco Mundo filler arc, as my tolerance for filler snapped that that point.

  • The thing that really ended disillusioning me about Bleach was the near-death stuff. Shounen anime often raises the stakes by killing off characters, and then somehow they are resurrected. It is a well-known trope and Bleach tries to skirt around it by making characters survive just so through horribly lethal wounds (such as being cut in half!) and then being healed magically. It’s actually more disturbing and ultimately silly than just killing them off and resurrecting them.

    • What bugged me more about Bleach is that every single character from Soul Society is already dead. The idea that they could die again always struck me as completely ridiculous.

  • The author explains this in the current issue so to anyone who reads Bleach it’s not news 🙂

  • Bleach jumped the shark after the fight between Ulquiorra and Ichigo. Liked it up til then though. Here’s hoping it can stick the landing.

  • So this arc been going on for nearly 3 years??? Bleach used to be my favorite manga, but then it just drag on and on and on …. it’s boring now…

  • I only keep reading Bleach every week, to one day complete it and get some shitty closure on the story, it’s more of a chore than a pleasure.
    An example of how bad it’s become is one fight during this arc… against a giant hand… with eyes… it was ridiculous and boring and so hard to get through.

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