The Call Of Duty Remaster Is Coming Along Nicely Too

And as we start to cast our gaze forward to the rest of the year, here's what is currently sitting close to the top of the AAA pile for me: the remaster of Modern Warfare.

I've had a bit of a mixed reception to Call of Duty ever since Ghosts came out. Infinite Warfare's space mission from E3 looked genuinely fun, but it doesn't look as good as the remastered first mission from the original Modern Warfare. Which I now want to play all over again.

If you've ever gone to a LAN in Australia since Modern Warfare came out, chances are you never stopped playing Modern Warfare. It might be a zombies or a Star Wars mod or even that awful hardcore mode, but chances are you still fired it up for a few rounds a couple of times a year at least.

It'll be fun to play through the whole game again. And it's a really smart move by Activision that is going to make them a metric ton of money.

Call of Duty goes back to the original Modern Warfare. Battlefield dials back the clock to World War 1. I have a feeling a lot of old-school FPS fans are going to be very happy come Christmas.


    Next gen moustache.

      Between that and the ones from The Order, I could get behind a next gen moustache simulator.

    Remastered my arse, doesnt even look like its on max settings

    and whoever is playing this in the vid is a god damn casual.

    Does anyone know if it'll have 4 player split-screen on consoles?

    I look forward to a day when we get a remaster of All Ghillied Up that has proper cloth physics, or makes the suit use something like TressFX.

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