The Internet Reacts To Pokemon GO’s Team Leaders

The Internet Reacts To Pokemon GO’s Team Leaders

We don’t actually know much about Pokemon GO’s team captains, but it doesn’t matter. Players have run with the newly revealed team leader artwork, and are now creating all sorts of personality quirks, backstories and hilarious jokes.

Illustration credit: 200pi

Among the surge of reactions, you’ll notice a few common threads, such as:

  • Candela is understood to be the hot one.
  • Candela and Blanche may or may not be in a romantic rivalry.
  • Candela and Blanche are basically babysitting, or acting as mums to Spark.
  • People are latching on to Blanche’s non-binary appearance, with many memes referencing the classic Pokemon question of ‘are you a boy or girl?’
  • Blanche is the cool and commanding one.
  • Everyone is roasting Spark. Poor Spark.
  • Spark is often depicted as the obnoxious one.
  • Spark probably loves memes and isn’t very smart according to the internet. Uh, sorry Team Instinct.
  • Somehow, though, Spark has become one of the most endearing of the three. He’s going through the Popplio effect.

Here’s how the internet is reacting to the new Pokemon GO leaders:

Illustration credit: phanromantictrash


    • Its a more tasteful, less entertaining fad than the one before where they would draw 12 inch cocks on all the female characters and have them fuck.

      Who says the internet doesnt mature huh?

  • *Reading through article*
    “Heh, those are some funny headcannons. Love it.”
    *Suddenly references to MRA and Milo*

  • This is the world we live in… everything is political nowadays :/
    I seriously wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t happen everywhere all the time!

  • If anyone else was unsure what “NB” meant, urbandictionary informs me it’s “non-binary”, as in, not male or female. Well there ya go.

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