The New Ghostbusters Game Plays It Safe

The New Ghostbusters Game Plays It Safe

The idea of a video game tie-in arriving without much fanfare the week of a major movie release is scary, but Activision’s new Ghostbusters game is nothing more than a relatively basic, slow-paced twin-stick shooter. See for yourself.

While the heroes of the new movie are off saving Washington D.C. from ghostly assassins, a new crop of paranormal exterminators holds down the fort. Two girls, two guys, a renovated fire house and portable nuclear batteries.

Players take control of one of the four newbies, each outfitted with a proton pack, a P.K.E. meter and a specialised weapon. Once they grab a mission, it’s time for some four-player co-op ghost busting. Check out the video atop the post for a run through the game’s first mission.

As twin-stick shooters go, the pace is relatively slow. Whipping out the old P.K.E. meter to scan for secrets slows movement to a walk, making hunting for hidden stuff tedious. I played solo, so my AI teammates matched my pace. I imagine things might be more entertaining with a full compliment of friends in four-player local co-op.

As Ghostbusters games go, it’s pretty unambitious, especially compared to 2009’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Nothing horrible, nothing spectacular, and certainly nothing to be afraid of.

Ghostbusters is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


  • Why have Ghostbusters games gone so backwards since Ghostbusters: The Video Game??

    Sanctum of Slime was boring as bat shit, and this follows the same crap formula. There was such a perfectly crafted Ghostbusters game that has now been left to the ages while we’re forced to endure casual easy access turds.

    Think it might be time to start another playthrough of it. Brilliant gameplay, superb cast, it was just amazing <3

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