The New Godzilla Movie Still Looks Awesome

Video: There's a new Godzilla movie. A Japanese one. The last trailer looked solid, and this second one does, too. As with that earlier preview, there isn't much talking! In fact, there isn't any at all.

There should be talking in the actual film. Hopefully.

Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno is helming the picture, which will be out this month in Japan.


    Am I really the only one who thinks it looks like utter garbage???

      All of the Godzillas are like that, though, aren't they?

      "I have an idea to stop Godzilla, but the idea itself is unethical"

      "Perfect! Is there anyone in this room that has an issue with the idea, apart from the non-military token woman/child that was caught up in the previous catastrophe and made Godzilla emotionally personal? No? Good! deploy the idea!"

      *Twenty minutes later*

      "Nooo, the Idea just made things worse!"

      "Don't worry, another monster has arrived, and they'll sort the issues out"

      "Yay, Godzilla beat the monster and is now returning to the sea, thank you Godzilla for your support"

        This is the most accurate review of anything ever.

        " No? Good! deploy the idea!"

        *Twenty minutes later*

        "Nooo, the Idea just made things worse!"

        This is just incredible. Well done sir.
        I also seem to remember in destroy all monsters an actual line was: "This looks important" as they fucking chainsaw an alien device. I might be wrong though.

      No, I'm with you. I suppose there's a bit of nostalgia quirkiness to it since the old movies were so corny, but it's 2016 now and this kind of thing doesn't fly anymore.

      The last trailer looked solid, and this second one does, too.

      He has a strange definition of "solid". Unless he's saying it looks like a solid turd.

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      You probably aren't the only one, but neither does that mean everyone agrees with you either. I think it looks decent and I've always enjoyed Anno's style of directing and Japanese Godzilla films.

        Its mainly the fact that godzilla himself is amazingly static. Moreso than other movies. Hes been far more animated in the last but here he looks statueesque.

          I hope for now it's just a case of trailers trying to not give too much away too early unlike say, Batman vs Superman.

      Nope. But some people can't get enough of real kaiju films like these.

      Not everything can look like a 200 million dollar film.

      Also - I bet this is better than that crap we were served in 2014.

    they gave it googly eyes

    Is it just me, or does Godzilla look like he's melting down, like he did in Godzilla vs Destoroyah? Or is this just how he "normally" looks now (considering that he's ALWAYS a giant atomic lizard)?

      If you think about it, he's essentially a zombie. He died in Destoroyah. I have no idea how he was back in Godzilla: Final Wars though.

        Every Godzilla after that point is Junior, from what I understand...

          Ah, that makes sense. That could mean that Junior is having a similar sort of nuclear meltdown.

    Godzilla fans will probably love it though for being more like the original though, even if it doesn't look like a multi-million dollar production from Hollywood.
    Music was nice and spoopy.

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    My only complaint after the initial trailer and leaked photos were the new suit design. However I think it has grown on me since then. The rest looks like the usual fare for a Toho G flick.

    Is there any way we can just give the Japanese blokes all the Hollywood dollerydoos and fancy technical stuff and let them make a movie? Both the Western ones were fucking trash, the 2nd one cast Godzilla in a cameo and the first one had Mathew Broderik. This looks kind of crappy, but only because it looks so B grade. I'll probably enjoy it despite its effects, whereas the new Western one looked amazing.. for the 5 minutes where it wasn't boring tripe about morons you don't care about.

      I don't think you understand. Godzilla films have never been about Godzilla. The films are about how the humans react and fight against a threat to their world. Godzilla doesn't usually do anything at all until the end.

    My 11 yo boy loves these Godzilla films (the Jap ones) so guess I'll be forced into going to this with him, assuming it's played at the cinemas.

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