The Newest One Piece Film Is Huge In Japan

One Piece Film: Gold, the 13th feature film based on the world's bestselling manga, hit Japanese theatres last Saturday, grossing 1.15 billion yen ($14.7 million) in its first two days. The movie appeared on a reported 743 screens, the largest for any Japanese movie ever. Anime News Network reports that One Piece Film: Gold even bested Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F', shown on 653 screens in April 2015. One Piece Film: Gold

Thirty-three countries, including Australia and New Zealand, will screen the film.

The film's synopsis is as follows:

Set in Grantesoro, an independent country chartered by the World Government, home of the world's greatest entertainment city where well-known pirates, [Marines], and millionaires throughout the world gather in an "absolute sanctuary" that even the World Government can't touch.
There, Luffy and the others meet the ruler of the country, the golden emperor Guild Tesoro who easily wins pirates, the [Marines], and even the World Government over to his side with money. He is about to take action to satisfy his bottomless ambition which may result in major changes in power relationships in the New World…

Eight hundred manga chapters, 750 anime episodes and 13 movies after the manga's 1997 release, One Piece is still gaining momentum as a world-conquering anime franchise.


    Will watch. Thoroughly enjoyed the last one.

    Hey Cecilia,
    Could you please let me know what cinemas are showing this in Australia?
    Im looking forward to seeing this with subs if possible but i'll be going japan soon and would like to see this beforehand

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