The Next Game Of Thrones Season Will Be 7 Episodes Long

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HBO has reportedly confirmed that the next season of Game of Thrones will return in the Australian winter of 2017 — and, as many were expecting, it'll be a short one.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the seventh season of George R. R. Martin's fantasy will air during the American summertime. That's slightly later than usual, although not unsurprisingly so given that the network had already indicated things would be slightly delayed.

HBO also announced that the season will be seven episodes long, as opposed to the 10 episodes each season has featured until now. Iceland, Northern Ireland and Spain will be used for the season, which is an indication of what fans can expect going forward. After all, the last time Game of Thrones was shot in Iceland was when Jon Snow adventured north of the Wall.

What are your expectations and predictions for the new season?


    This is known.

      I didn't know. But now I do.

        Very credible rumours had been going around for a couple of months that season 7 and 8 would both be 7 episodes long.

          Yep. They AMC'ed it :( they should've really just done a very long final season...

          But money. :\

            Money, money, moooneyyy... MOOOONEEYYYYYY...

            S### F###! Why you remind me *flips table*

    I stopped watching the show when it caught up to the books. I know it's meant to be its own thing and all that, but I doubt it will be 100% different to what ends up in the books.

      Pretty sure it's been said that the show writers have been given main plot points. To be completely honest though, we're probably not going to see the next book till at least next year, and the way G.R.R.M. writes the last one is probably a decade away, so I would say just go ahead and watch it

        Yeah, I'm happy to wait. Robert Jordan taught me patience :-)

          Also, apparently a wheel of time TV series is still in development.

            It's been in development for around a decade or so. They had that one godawful tv pilot, but seriously if one ever truly gets off the ground I'd be surprised.

          Yeah ... but even he didn't survive to see his series conclude. :(

    The next two seasons will be 7 episodes each, but each episode will be longer than what we have had before, which I'm guessing it will end up being close to a similar run time if it ends up being 1 hour 20 minutes per episode as opposed to 56-59 minutes that it has currently been.

      Yeah I remember them saying this, that they'll all essentially be minimum the length of the season 6 finale :O

      Hopefully they'll do a feature length episode for the finale!

    I like to think of this as only having to buy 2 months of HBO Now instead of 3. :D

    they only had 7 episodes of content last time. Hopefully it will make it a tighter season

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