The Official Pikachu Song Lyrics Are Hahahahahahaha

Actually, no. They're like "Pikapikapikapika."

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There is an official Pikachu song. It's getting released and everything. The name of the song is "Pikachu no Uta" or "Pikachu's Song." Via the official site for anime Pokemon XY & Z, here are the catchy lyrics:

Piikaa! Pikachu! Pika Pika Pikachu! Pika Pika Pikachu!

Pikkachu Pikkachu Pikkacchu (Pikkachu Pikkachu Pikkacchu)

Pikapika Pikkachu Pikkacchu (Pikapika Pikkachu Pikkacchu)

Pikapikapikapika (Pikapikapikapika)

Pikapika (Pikapika)

Pikapika (Pikapika)

Pika (Pika)

Pika (Pika)


Pikkachu Pikkachu Pikapika Pikachu Pikapika

Pikachu Pikapika Pikapika Pikapikachu Pikachu

Pikachu Pika Pika (Pikachu Pika Pika)


Pikachu Pikachu (Pika)

Pikapika Pikachu (Pika)

Pikachu Pikachu (Pika)

Pikapika Pikachu (Pika)



What did you expect? Pikachu has be able to sing it, too, you know.


    Any chance of hearing the tune?

    Creates an article about a song. Doesn't link song in article.

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