The Opera House Will Be Dropping Free Pokemon GO Lures On Monday [UPDATE]

A lot of Sydneysiders are accustomed to hanging around the Opera House, not just because of the enormous Poke Walk on the weekend but also because of the several intersecting Pokestops that make it a perfect hunting ground.

Unsurprisingly, the staff within the Opera House have cottoned on to this surge in popularity. So they're going to do what Pokemon GO trainers love — drop free lures.

Update: The Opera House has changed the event to Wednesday lunch time, instead of Monday:

The Sydney Opera House announced that they would be dropping lures on all the Pokestops around the Opera House for two hours on Monday. It won't be running at the most convenient time — 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM — and as everyone knows by now, there's no guarantee that the game or the Opera House gym won't just relentlessly glitch out.

But for the throngs of trainers hanging by the Opera House to milk the intersecting Pokestops, it's nice to know that someone else will be paying for lures for a while. So what about you? Will you be free to score some Pokemon around the Opera House or Circular Quay this Monday?


    If you can't wait til Monday I'll be dropping Lure Modules in my rap... ice cream van tomorrow over at 50 Pitt St, next to Westpac.

      Oh man I love rap ice creams. Time to make a detour.

      is this you?

    If I was a small business owner in range of a poke-stop I'd be pumping lures all day to get people in the door, claiming it as a business expense

    If you can't make the Wednesday event there's an unofficial version on Monday and I'll be putting out all my lures to share. Same place, same time:

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