The Plan One Guy Used To Get The World's Highest Steam Level Overnight

The PalmDesert dynasty is, at least for now, over. As of today, a new guy has the world's highest Steam level, and he managed it almost over night. His handle? St4ck. As for how he did it, well, it's quite a story. St4ck's current Steam level is 1113, making it officially the highest in the world. While folks like former front-runner PalmDesert (whose Steam level is currently 1111) have been at this for years, St4ck's level was barely over 100 as recently as March of this year. Then the Steam Summer Sale came around, and boom, suddenly he was in the big leagues.

So, how'd he do it? Basically, he plotted a course through the Summer Sale that would maximise his XP gain and send his level through the roof, into goddamn outer space. He then spent hella money to make it happen. A friend of his named sngisback explained shortly before St4ck's level achieved geosynchronous orbit:

-he bought Summer sale (mysterious) cards every day from the 1st day of release on Steam community market for $2000 [$AU2643] daily limit

-he prepared [approximately] 7000 trading card complete sets from different games to get bonus Summer sale cards after craft them

-he ask for me with help him to get the maximum of Summer sale cards and i got few thousands from trades with many steam community users

In the end, St4ck spent around $US13,000 ($17,178). Why do that at all, er, ever? The special Steam Summer Sale badge had a unique quality to it. Using trading cards, it could be upgraded an unlimited number of times. As a result, while St4ck has significantly fewer games and badges than PalmDesert in total, his level 54k summer badge got him so much XP that it made up the difference and then some. (For comparison's sake, PalmDesert only managed to craft a level 18k summer badge. Still no small feat!)

St4ck's plan nearly didn't work due to what appeared to be a glitch on Steam's end. It seems like Valve didn't expect anyone to craft such an absurdly high level badge. For a moment, St4ck and his friend, who made a post outlining the plan and asking for advice, were in a pickle — the sort that even having $US13,000 ($17,178) in disposable income can't solve. They'd seemingly hit an invisible wall that stopped them from crafting or selling cards. All that cash was swirling around in Valve's glorious gilded toilet. Fortunately, the problem apparently cleared itself up, and St4ck was able to keep crafting his badge.

So there you go. The moral of the story? For better or worse, you can be The Best At Steam by spending a fuck-ton of money. (I mean, it's a store. What a surprise.) But even then, you've got to do it craftily.


    $17000 for a week's 'entertainment' and a meaningless accolade. You could travel the world with a private jetful of drugs and hookers for less money than that.

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      Yeah - I know it's none of my business, but I'd love to know St4cks financial situation. Is this insanity? Or is he so stupidly wealthy this is pocket change?

        He found a cool website and wanted to share it with everyone.

          He is a single mum working from home making $1427 a day, here is his secret!

            He's an 18 yo from merrylands who just bought this new supercar.

              He is a clever guy

                Believe it or not the Playstation 4 was the most successful console of its generation. And Malcolm Gladwell can get it collossially wrong and a government spends millions on a human lie detector who in the final analysis is proven to be deluded. Learnt that second one from this website. I loved this website but they need to find a way to encourage upvoting. Basically people need to be paid to curate the comments section because we are mostly me me me meme mememememememememememememe and who wants to read that.

              He's a Nigerian Prince with all this money to share.

        found him.

      That's a fairly cheap jet, but you could probably get a nice cruise with the aforementioned hookers and drugs for that price. ;)

        Well, it's a hire for the week, owning is a bit more expensive. Also I don't know how much jets cost.

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          Bout 5000-8000 an hour

            Thanks, Bronwyn.

              See your joke doesn't work because she used choppers not planes. But nice try.

                Brownwyn for the win she is a legend vote 4 her Australia PM 2021 yeah

    Did he partner with it?

    Lol if Casca being turned white is your biggest issue with a Japanese manga turned anime (for the second time) then I don't think you have been watching the same thing I have; it is all round atrocious in the animation area.

    I'm so inspired. I'm gonna become the best at shopping at coles. How much money should I give them for the title?

      All of it, but then you still have to be able to beat Curtis Stone in a battle to the death at the end. Best of luck.

      So maybe all Coles needs to do is replace the FlyBuys rewards with experience and levels?

      Last edited 10/07/16 10:42 am

        And badges. Don't forget the badges.

    The only sad part of his 'achievement' would be if he thought he'd accomplished something useful, worthwhile, or admirable.

    Someone spent $13,000 USD to get a Steam achievement? Wow.

      That's not all it does, the chance of packs dropping for games you have finished getting your card drops for is related to your steam level. It's quite possible he can get enough off the market to never spend another cent on a title he wants.

    All these articles, and nobody reads the Reddit post properly. $13K was what he had left over when he hit the cap. He spent plenty more to get to that point.

    I am sngisback and topic starter is completely wrong. You got wrong context from my words. He had $13k in not expired (bugged) cards. That was the Issue, why i started reddit thread (it was very useful, Gabe Newell has been checked this thread and completely helped to St4ck). Total amount of spent money is inside information, but as i think it's about $45-50k

    Even more unbelievable than this guy's level is his unhealthy, desperate need for attention and recognition. Don't feed people like this.

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