There's A New Final Fantasy Game Out On Mobile Today

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which may or may not intentionally have an "XVI" in its title, launched today for iOS and Android. It's a free-to-play RPG with towns, NPCS, turn-based combat and an actual story I've poked around in Brave Exvius a bit and found it to be overwhelming albeit kinda fun. It's reminiscent of Final Fantasy Record Keeper in that it's one big remix of old-school Final Fantasy, complete with characters and monsters from all the old games. It's also got an energy system — once you run out of stamina, you have to either wait around or pay money to progress. That will undoubtedly be an instant turnoff for some, although you don't need to use any energy until you hit level five, so Brave Exvius gives you some time before it starts gating you off.

If you're into this sort of game and want to try Brave Exvius, I'd recommend using this helpful Reddit guide for new players. There's a lot of rerolling and optimisation you can do to get the best possible party. Also, if you sign up before July 17, you get a whole bunch of gifts — including Terra in Magitek Armour. Everyone loves Terra in Magitek Armour.


    Been out for a few days. Pretty damn good. Plays like Brave Frontier but collecting FF characters instead. Well worth checking out imo.

    The release of this was ridiculous. It was soft-launched in Sweden (?) months ago, and the official twitter account was both providing daily updates on that (maintenance, events etc) while simultaneously telling us the game wasn't released yet and to sign up now for notification. Absolute mess.

    Also, aside from the "remix of FF" idea, it's absolutely nothing like Final Fantasy Record Keeper, this is an RPG while FFRK is a tactical game. The F2P model of this game is worse than FFRK (in this game you have to pay to unlock characters, FFRK gives them for free and the F2P is just for their gear).

      I totally agree, i am glad that it was finally released in English =)

      I tried it with Japanese only, i'm not fluent in Japanese but have played enough JRPG's to stumble my way through the controls and have some fun along the way. This game, while fun, seemed like a really big grindfest once i got a few hours in despite having some iconic FF characters and moves.

      It is also possible that since i've been playing FF Record Keeper for over a year in English that this one couldn't keep my attention long enough by comparison haha

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