There’s Going To Be A Statue Dedicated To Nightwing’s Sweet, Tight Arse

There’s Going To Be A Statue Dedicated To Nightwing’s Sweet, Tight Arse

Dick Grayson’s rear end is finally getting the rock solid tribute it deserves.

It’s an almost universally accepted notion that Dick Grayson is one of the sexiest superheroes around. In particular, Nightwing’s butt is the stuff of legend, in both the real world and in the fiction of the DC Universe.

There are Tumblrs devoted to worshipping the ‘Wing-butt and characters in comics have been praising it for years. Two recent examples:

Walking around the show floor during the preview night for San Diego Comic-Con, I saw the following picture on the outer wall of the Kotobukiya booth.

Kotobukiya is a purveyor of fine nerd culture collectibles, like Sexy Freddy Krueger and amazingly detailed Halo toys. The images featuring the best side of The Dark Knight’s first sidekick are concept drawings for a new Batman-based line of “ikemen” statues, an incredibly welcome male counterpart to its Bishoujo statue line of sexy female characters.

Mind you, this design has yet to go through the approvals process. But there’s no mistaking where the viewer’s eye is supposed to be drawn. Per company representatives, the Nightwing sculpt isn’t in production yet and won’t be out for a while.


  • Why do I get the feeling that there’d be hell to pay if people reacted like this to a chick?

    • Because the circumstances and social dynamics are different.

      Though if this quote is anything to go by, there’s no shortage of figures focused solely on female arses: “(A)n incredibly welcome male counterpart to (Kotokubiya’s) Bishoujo statue line of sexy female characters.”

        • If you’re going to wander away from the conversation, could you at least take it somewhere interesting? Alternatively, really play up how indignant you find this whole situation.

          • Please don’t deflect the question. This conversation is about whether the kind of thing depicted in the comic is considered socially acceptable, and you appear to be saying the answer is yes. There’s no indignation here, just a simple question that I’d still like you to answer: are you suggesting this isn’t objectification?

          • What you think we’re talking about certainly isn’t what I’m talking about.

          • Righto. I mean, I’d still like to know the answer but you seem very firmly set on avoiding it so no worries.

    • The hell to pay would come from kotaku as well.
      I like this other guy trying to make it seem like its ok because an eye for an eye is the best way to fix something.

    • Pretty much. There would be several articles about how the makers are misogynistic evil perverts and only perverts would buy such a thing. The double standard is disgusting.

      Female ass shown in sexual way = misogyny, sexism and perversion
      Male ass shown in sexual way = totally acceptable

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