This Is Convention Cosplay Photography With A Difference

What do you get when you cross light painting with cosplay? Well… this.

It’s obviously not the first time that cosplay photographers have used the power of light painting to create incredible results, but these photos by Adelaide’s Celestial Light Photography come with one main difference: they were all taken at AVCon, a gaming and anime convention.

While conventions have long hosted photography booths and spaces in various capacities, this is possibly the first time that cosplayers have been able to get fancy light-painted photos right at the convention.

Where a lot of people like to complain about photographers overusing photoshop in cosplay photos, all these effects are able to be created in camera with light painting. The room setup at AVCon even included a Pixelstick, a fancy LED contraption used to essentially ‘print’ images or patterns in photos. Add a smoke machine for that dramatic haze, and there’s no limit to the number of special effects that can be created for all types of costumes.

There are downsides, of course — it’s harder to light the cosplayer as well as the effects in the background, and the process takes a lot longer than regular photography — but the results are radically different from anything else captured at the convention.

The driving force behind this concept, Celestial Light Photography, was more heavily involved in the cosplay side of things until last year, when she branched out into photography — mainly specialist and unique styles like underwater photography, and the light painting you can see here.

She’s only been doing this for a little under a year, and she has no plans on stopping there, planning on extending the light painting photobooth concept to other conventions around the country. You can check out more of the AVCon photos here and here.

Adelaide’s MAP (Mildly Amazing Photography) also attended as a secondary photographer, and you can see some of his photos below.

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