This Is How Trading Works In No Man's Sky

It's short, it's sweet. It's the latest trailer for No Man's Sky and it provides us a brief insight into how trading works in No Man's Sky.

Spoiler: it's looks a lot like Destiny.

Which isn't exactly a good thing, since Destiny's UI is probably the second coolest thing about the game (first being the basic combat loop).

It all looks fairly simple. I like that, mainly because I kinda want No Man's Sky to be about exploring as opposed to grinding for resources. Regardless, this game is looking more and more like being whatever you want it to be. The tagline in this trailer is "every trade tells a story" — that's promising to me, since I'm hoping this game will be about the emergent stories that exist in your own space; in your own universe.

Hurry up No Man's Sky.

Hurry. Up.


    "Spoiler: it’s looks a lot like Destiny.

    Which isn’t exactly a good thing, since Destiny’s UI is probably the second coolest thing about the game"

    It isnt a good thing?

      Yea because it was already horrible and the second coolest thing in the horrible thing is still horrible. :P

    Does anyone know if you need an active PS+ account to play the game?

      They've said you can play offline freely. I'd take a guess the "multiplayer" is a PS+ requirement though.

        The whole discover new worlds and name them implied it was always online? (Always implied everything in the universe will be named rude words)

          Yes - but you would run your own private seed of the galaxy. It doesn't sync with their server.

      I guess we'll find out for sure in a couple of weeks, but as I see it, the multiplayer side of things is that minor that the occasional synchronising of PS4 to servers will be enough. Most of that 'multiplayer' aspect is about when you cross over where someone else has been, so you know that elephant looking beast has been named the Daveosaurus, or a planet was named MyJunk.

      I cant see a need for a PS+ acct for such minimal multiplayer action. Could be wrong, but I doubt it'll change your experience though if it needs a PS+ acct to sync.

      I was mistaken. It looks like PS+ isn't required at all.

    Except in Destiny the ship you buy only changes the loading screen.

      Pretty much this. I didn't bother buying any new ships for Destiny.

    For a video about how trading works in this game, showing only 2 seconds of the actual trade interface was pretty useless.

    So what are you earning money for?
    What is there in the game to spend your hard gathered resources on?

      New weapons, gear for your suit, technologies (e.g. for mining). Perhaps upgrades for your ship.

      Also fuel. Lots and lots of fuel I think. Travelling to the centre of the universe ain't cheap.

      Dingus pretty much nailed it.

      Unlike Destiny - The items you buy actually affect your game. So new ships are faster, have better fuel tanks, etc.

    You Engrams??

    *falls to the floor shaking*

      there there friend, look. I've got this shiny purple engram for you. Let's just take it to the cryptarc and see what you get ... and there's you're shiny new blue rifle.

      *falls to the ground grasping for a fetal position emote*

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