This Week In Games: Furi Road

Man, it's pretty grim this week. I'm not gonna lie.


If you have a PC, you have to get INSIDE this week. Because it's amazing.

Also, Furi looks really good!

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Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault (PS4/PS3/Vita)

What is it? A real-time tactics game that came out in Japan last year. Should you care? Nah, it's pretty bad.

Anima: Gate of Memories (PS4/PC)

What is it? A third-person action RPG that isn't very good. Should you care? Yep, I would be avoiding this one if I were you.

Carmageddon: Max Damage (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? Da hell, they still make these? Should you care? Again, nah. I wouldn't bother.

Cricket Captain 2016 (PC)

What is it? Man, games like this exist? This is a good thing. Should you care? I have no idea if this is good. But I'm glad a game like this exists.

Furi (PS4/PC)

What is it? A furiously paced combat game. It's free on PlayStation Plus. Should you care? Yes, you really should. This game looks great. Pretty excited to play it.


What is it? It's the new game from the creators of LIMBO. Out on Xbox One last week, out on PC this week/ Should you care? It's incredible. Truly incredible.

The Banner Saga 2 (PS4)

What is it? It's that gorgeous PC game, now out on consoles. Should you care? Yes, absolutely.

Did we miss anything? We always miss something. Let us know in the comments below.


    Why oh why was Inside not released at the same time? I'm already seeing and hearing bits and pieces about it around the web but when I realise I quickly close the tab/stop playback. Dangerous game.

    'Inside' has be curious after watching/reading the article on her last week

    Furi is also one of the PS4 games you get with a PS+ membership this week.
    Edit: as stated in the article, obviously. Don't know how I missed that. Need another coffee. Or 6.

    Last edited 04/07/16 10:38 am

      On that note Banner Saga 2 is the XBOX Games with Gold game for this half of the month.

    Cricket Captain 2016 is out? *downloads to partner's disgrace*

    Definitely going to ride historic on the Furi Road, the inclusion of Carpenter Brut on the soundtrack alone has me sold on the game.

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