This Week In Games: That One Weird Game You Want To Play

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Hey remember that super weird game? The one that stole the show at Microsoft's E3 conference?

Yeah that one. The one where it was all trippy and stuff.

It's coming out this week. You should probably play it. I know I will.

What else? Well Batman: Arkham Knight has a 'Game of the Year' edition. Also, Quadrilateral Cowboy is out. That's... about... it.

Audio Arena (PC)

What is it? A VR game where the game itself is generated through music. Should you care? That's a helluva cool high concept. No idea if it's any good.

Batman: Arkham Knight Game of the Year Edition (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? It's Batman: Arkham Knight... game of the year edition. Should you care? Really holding myself back from making a snarky comment about its 'Game of the Year' status. Despite the PC debacle, it really was a pretty cool game.

Headlander (PC)

What is it? It's a new Double Fine game with a 70s sci-fi aesthetic. Should you care? This looks really interesting. I would be checking it out if I were you.

Professional Farmer 2016 (Xbox One)

What is it? Well I think you might hazard a guess from the title. Should you care? For the longest time I've been considering playing one of these games... why not this one?

Quadrilateral Cowboy (PC)

What is it? Describes itself as a single-player adventure in a cyberpunk world. This looks and sounds pretty cool. Should you care? It's got a lot of hype coming in and has won a bunch of awards. Keen as a bean.

We Happy Few (Xbox One/PC, Early Access)

What is it? Remember that scary as shit game Microsoft showed off during E3? Yeah, it's that one. Should you care? Holy goddamn shit yes. This is the game I'll be playing this week I reckon.

Did we miss anything? Picking anything up this week? Let us know in the comments below!


    Was really excited for we happy few until I discovered it's just another rogue like survival game. Also mark you forget fairy fencer F

      It has a story mode, or rather, it will have one when it releases next year. *grumble grumble* early access *grumble grumble*

      Knowing Xbox Australia it probably won't even come out here anyway

    Wow I had no idea about We Happy Few. will wait for reviews before deciding tho.

    Hyper-light Drifter out on PS4 this week, drops Tuesday.

    As of a couple days ago, the pre-order was discounted a few bucks in service to the big Indie Sale psn is having right now.

    Reviews have been very favourable on PC, almost cultish adoration really, and the game looks gorgeous. It is described as a mix of Dark Souls and Legend of Zelda.

    You should care.

      Awesome! I had no idea it was coming out tomorrow, will definitely pick it up.
      Cheers man!

      Is hyper light drifter coming to xbox one as well? I have a ps4 but have loaned it to a friend...

      Have played thru most of it on the PC, and it's pretty great. A little obtuse that's for sure, my one piece of advice would be to start in the west section.
      I'll be picking it up for the Xbox for sure.

        Appreciate the advice. It was bewildering at first. I kinda went north of the city. It wasn't till my return trip there that I figured out what currency was and realised there were a bunch of stores in town too.

        The atmosphere is incredible, and those lush pixel-scapes..! Gorgeous. Really also like how on my return trips through areas I keep noticing little side paths.

        Borrows a lot from Out of This World, and I love that. Really adore games that just chuck you into a mysterious place. Other than Dark Souls to a limited extent, the only other game that I think did that was Outcast.

          Yeh it certainly doesn't hold your hand. The mystery of the setting coupled with the soundscapes make for an intriguing adventure!

    Welcome back Mark we hope you missed us.

    I really want to get into Arkham Knight again, how far off the ending am I if I'm currently dropping off Ivy and the Cloudburst goes off? I don't like how the open world seems to have changed now. Or has it?

      I'd say you're about 3/4 of the way through

    This is why I didn't buy Arkham Knight, despite how cheap it got at times. I knew they would eventually release a GOTY edition eventually, even though I'm not sure anyone named it "Game of the Year".

      Yeah, those kinda titles are becoming more and more meaningless.

      My biggest peeve is when the start of teaser or announcement trailer shows off a ton of awards it somehow got before release


        You are right though. I only buy a game on release if it was one I really wanted, or all the DLC was multiplayer, which I have no interest in.

        I've also noticed another trend sneaking in: Gold Editions, which are essentially GOTY editions on original release, and straps a Season Pass with a newly release game.

      It probably would have picked up a few GOTY awards - and so would have many other games - if The Witcher 3 hadn't come out the same year.

    Really interested in We Happy Few but I am not a fan of early access so may wait (if I can) for its full release.

      Awh dangit, Early Access... well that killed my buzz real quick.

    Also out this week:
    Headlander (PS4)
    Laser Disco Defenders (Vita)
    Phantom Brave (PC)
    Riptide GP: Renegade (PS4/PC)
    Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena (PC)
    Professional Farmer 2016 (PS4)
    and as WinterSoldier and doktor_molotov have said,
    Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (PS4)
    Hyperlight Drifter (Ps4)

    Last edited 25/07/16 10:54 am

      Someone needs to make a Professional Farming X that takes the same concept and turns it up to absurd levels. I know a few people who do enjoy it though, so it obviously has an audience.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 are also being re-released this week.

    As a few people have already mentioned, the We Happy Few "release" does come with a few caveats - it is early access, and the final product will have a story mode which will not be included in this early access build.

    I'm so super stoked for this, but I don't want to wear myself out on that gameplay without having the story in, so I'ma wait.

      So what is included in the early access if there is no story mode. Having a hard time finding info

        It's basically just a rogue like game set in an urban environment. I think kind of like Ark, but in a city, with no dinosaurs, with the aim of simply surviving. Though that is just what I've come to understand from watching stuff around the game during E3 and reading up random articles I've come across, so it may be totally different >.

    What? No PS4 release? Fuck, guess I'm just gonna read up the story on wikipedia.

      Yes, now you know how us filthy xbox one owners feel 90% of the time when cool non-AAA titles are announced.
      It sucks, I don't wish it on anyone :(

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