This Week In The Business: Don't Worry

"Worry is the gun to your head. It changes how you make decisions." — Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart on surviving 13 years in AAA development and how "I thought we would have been purchased by now."

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Elsewhere in the business of gaming this week...

QUOTE | "[VR] kind of scares me as an investor." — Veteran venture capitalist Mitch Lasky talking at Casual Connect about how VR is a "dramatically overfunded space" that's too risky.

QUOTE | "My goal as a developer is not to get rich and live a lavish lifestyle at the expense of gamers." — Independent developer Edward McNeill talking in a session at Casual Connect USA about why some developers commit to VR exclusives.

STAT | 26 per cent — The decline in US video game sales for NPD's June reporting period; the $US652 ($873) million tally includes NPD's digital tracking for the first time.

QUOTE | "There is a lot of fraud among live streamers, with some of them actively buying fake viewers to raise their ranking." — SuperData analyst Joost van Dreunen talking about some of the obstacles to growth for the eSports industry, which should still pass $US1 billion next year.

QUOTE | "I think the me of today, the 18 years older me, shouldn't damage the game my younger self made." — Veteran Japanese developer Goichi Suda (aka Suda51) describing his feelings as he works towards bringing his first game, The Silver Case, to a global audience nearly two decades later.

QUOTE | "Anyone that comes too hard out of the gate declaring their game an eSport, that's kinda the kiss of death." — Hi-Rez Studios' co-founder and COO Todd Harris talking on a Casual Connect panel about the state of eSports and how its "Wild West" period is starting to draw to a close.

STAT | $US39.8 ($53) billion — The huge market cap Nintendo achieved recently, nearly doubling its value in a week and surpassing Sony on the Tokyo stock exchange thanks to Pokemon GO.

QUOTE | "...location-based games have yet to have their day in the sun. With Pokemon GO it appears that their day has come and they're ready to shine." — Mobile game designer Wesley Leviton, who created the location-based game Life is Crime, offers advice to Niantic on how to improve Pokemon GO in the weeks and months ahead.

STAT | 22.8 per cent — Shares that French conglomerate Vivendi now owns in publisher Ubisoft; the media giant insists it's not looking at "acquiring control of the company".


    I notice with these articles you tend to include the most interesting quote before the jump but then just... never have a link to the context. I'd love to read the interview (or whatever it was?) where Urquhart talked about that, but I guess I'll need to google it.

    Not the first time this has happened, either.

    Interesting that an analyst is staring the obvious - there is over-investment in VR!!! You think??!!

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