This Week In The Business: The Perfect Storm

"The DLC s**tstorm hit full force and washed away people's enthusiasm, dragging us further and further from that first magical pick-up-and-play experience." -- Turtle Rock's Chris Ashton and Phil Robb explaining to its community why the studio is now taking Evolve to a free-to-play model with a beta starting this week.

Elsewhere in the business of gaming this week...

QUOTE | "The thinking was that because Wii sold well, Wii U would follow suit." -- Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima talking with investors about the company's expectations for the Wii U, which they naively assumed could sell 100 million units.

QUOTE | "It's not a tricky -- oh, we get some revenue, they get profit. It's just all revenue and profit goes to the developer after [we recoup]." -- EA global publishing chief Laura Miele explaining how the publisher's indie friendly program EA Originals actually works for developers.

QUOTE | "We see ourselves as the last Mohicans, the last dinosaurs." -- Housemarque founder and CEO Illari Kuittinen talking about his studio's style of games and development and working with industry legend Eugene Jarvis.

STAT | 2 million -- The number of copies that Introversion's Prison Architect has now sold, generating over $US25 ($33) million in revenue for the studio.

QUOTE | "Last year was our biggest year ever by a wide margin, both with backers (the number of people backing projects) and the amount of money that was pledged to those projects." -- Kickstarter's head of games, Luke Crane, discussing the state of games funding on the crowdfunding platform and what the future holds.

QUOTE | "[The Coalition will] address issues of cheating in eSports, with a particular focus on match-fixing and doping." -- Ian Smith, commissioner of the first ever eSports Integrity Coalition, talking about the problems with rampant cheating the eSports space.

QUOTE | "After an incredible journey here at PlayStation, I've made the very hard decision to return to the world of game development!" -- Adam Boyes, head of PlayStation's self-publishing indie drive over the last four years, announcing that he's leaving Sony to pursue a development job at an indie studio.

STAT | 15 per cent -- The estimated percentage of workers in the UK's games industry that come from the EU and could be impacted by the Brexit vote.

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