Those Goofy Leaked Pokémon Are Real

Overnight, footage of some silly-looking characters from the upcoming Pokémon: Sun and Moon leaked online. No way they could be real. Turns out, they were. Clips of each new Pocket Monster appeared on YouTube sporting what looked like Russian game board ratings. Considering how there are always fakes and seeing how these designs looked questionable, I thought surely the bar for Poké fakes had been raised.

The Pokémon Company has uploaded an official trailer, which features all the same Pocket Monsters that appeared in the leaked clips.

This is Tapu Koko, an Electric/Fairy type. This one looks the best of the bunch!

Cutiefly, a Bug/Fairy type.

Drampa, a Normal/Dragon type, that looks oddly familiar.

Togedemaru, an Electric/Steel type.

This is Bruxish, a Water/Physic type that looks goofy as hell.

Here's Charjabug, a Bug/Electric type, that looks like a train and a bit silly.

This Pocket Monster does evolve into Vikavolt, who looks like a badarse.

Watch the full trailer below.


    So does Grubbin evolve into Charjabug?

      Theoretically, yes. Especially based on typing and pokédex entries on the website.

      Grubbin>Charjabug>Vikavolt (please dear lord let Vikavolt be good. Don't be like beedrill before its mega, be like scolipede. On that note, please also let Cutiefly evolve into something good, that lil guy is adorable)

    Golly gee, I bet that fish would be great at smoochin'....

    No way they could be real.We've had Pokémon that are garbage bags, keyrings and ice creams so really there shouldn't be any questioning of designs by now.

    Last edited 01/07/16 12:04 pm

      Not to mention the one that can change into 1 of a lawnmower, washing machine, fridge, fan and oven by giving them said item...

    Bruxish looks like it's from Momoiro Island (One Piece).

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