Tokyo 42 Is Looking Awfully Like A Cuter Syndicate

Tokyo 42 Is Looking Awfully Like A Cuter Syndicate

Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing Counter-Strike for well over a decade, but I have an awful lot of affection for indie developers Mode 7. They’re the creators of Frozen Synapse, the simultaneous tactical turn-based shooter, and the simpler robot football simulator Frozen Cortex.

They’re currently working on Tokyo 42, an isometric open-world that looks like a cuter take on Syndicate. And it looks really good.

Image: Mode 7/Tokyo 42

The premise is pretty straightforward: you’re wandering around an open world as an assassin. It’s heavily inspired by games like Cannon Fodder, Syndicate and GTA. Which happens to be three of my favourite games (especially the original GTA, which I always liked much more than the third-person variants like Vice City and GTA 4).

Mode 7 has posted up a fairly lengthy behind the scenes into Tokyo 42. There’s plenty of footage of the level editors in progress, showing off the locations of spawn points, the construction of buildings, animations, the programming logic, missions, weapons (including bananas that literally just bounce around) and more.

The models remind me a little of the character design in the Hitman/Lara Croft GO games, but from a much wider perspective with a lot less detail.

It’s an interesting project, and the ability to snipe at super long distances looks pretty fun. Tokyo 42’s due out next year, and it’ll be fun to see where the project goes.


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