Tokyo Trains Get The Dragon Quest Theme

Like, actual trains departing the station to actual Dragon Quest music. Only in Japan! As pointed out on Kuma News, when trains on the Tokyu Toyoko Line depart Shibuya Station, they are sent off with the Dragon Quest Overture.

Other train stations in Tokyo have jingles or play melodies (Ebisu Station, for example, has the theme from The Third Man because of beer ads). The Dragon Quest Overture, however, corresponds with a 30th anniversary Dragon Quest exhibit being held in Shibuya and will apparently only be played until September 12. The event wraps up on September 11.


    Japan loves this stuff.

    One of my favourites is (I think) Gotanda station. Astro Boy theme tune for every train.

    I just enjoy the regular melody that plays at train stations. This is just too good though.

    For those wondering, metro lines in Tokyo play a short tune to indicate that the doors are 10-ish seconds away from closing.


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