Transport NSW Warns Pokemon GO Could Be Delaying Buses Now

Transport NSW Warns Pokemon GO Could Be Delaying Buses Now
Image: Kotaku/Transport NSW

We wrote earlier this week how the popularity of Pokemon GO in Rhodes was becoming a nightmare, not just for residents but for the council and those passing through the area. That’s escalated an extra notch today, with Transport NSW officially warning commuters that buses will be delayed in the area.

According to the notice posted on the Transport NSW website, the 526 and 533 buses may suffer delays because drivers have to “detour via local streets”. One of those local streets is the infamous Mary St in Rhodes, which is a little jam packed with Pokemon GO fans.

Neither route typically goes through Mary St. Route 533 typically travels through Concord Rd, which passes nearby Mary St, but it doesn’t usually go through the Poke-hotspot. Route 526 stops at the Rhodes Shopping Centre, but is largely a route for those going from Burwood to Parramatta and vice versa.

But while NSW Transport are warning that Mary St is “partially closed”, there’s always the possibility that Pokemon GO trainers might get out of the way of a bus. Then again, they might just continue doing this:


    • Whoever knew living sedentary lifestyles we were secretly being unsung heroes of public order.

    • Did you not watch the video? These people aren’t walking, they are standing in the middle of the street. Cops should have come and pinned them all for Jaywalking or something. Surely it is illegal to stand in the middle of the street and disrupt traffic! I don’t care what you are doing on your phone.

    • No… our cities are not designed, they are cobbled together bit by bit over time by tens of thousands of people all with different ideas and agendas over centuries.

      Why are there traffic jams in the morning… cause everyone has to go to work at exactly the same time.

  • just shows you how many people are in their homes, waiting to come out of the trap door

  • The sooner kids (and grown-ups) go back to sitting on their arses, the better.

  • The question that will remain unanswered and will be the most surprising is where are all those people going to go when the Council gets tthose Pokestops shut down…

    MMO101 if the exp/gold farming ground is nerfed… player need for easy rewards will result in someone finding a new near identical spot to that one and most people will hear about it and go there too.

  • Unless Niantic books empty stadiums… and seek council approvals etc… there plans for location based for things like Legendary Pokemons is not going to happen.

  • Out of curiosity (and I am in no way advocating for this…), if the people standing in the middle of the road get run over and killed because a driver couldn’t stop….Is the driver at fault at all?

    • Why can you not stop? It’s easy – press the stop pedal instead of the go pedal.

      If you can’t avoid a stationary person in the middle of an open stretch of the M3 in a 60 zone, you shouldn’t be driving.

      • It was mainly out of curiosity because I know in the certain states in the US, (or so I was told) the pedestrian is actually liable for damages and for obstructing traffic ifi they get hit while they’re standing in the middle of a road.

        And as to why can’t you stop. It’s easy,. You didn’t press brake because you had no idea the dude standing there wasn’t going to move given you have right of way…by the time you realised he ain’t gonna move. It was way too close and you bump into him/her.

        • I never post replies to sites like this, but I had to in this case.

          And as to why can’t you stop. It’s easy,. You didn’t press brake because you had no idea the dude standing there wasn’t going to move given you have right of way…by the time you realised he ain’t gonna move. It was way too close and you bump into him/her.

          You shouldn’t ever assume that someone will do what they’re supposed to do, just because you have right of way. Always assume that someone is going to do something stupid. If someone is standing in the middle of the road, you assume they’re not going to move, and you slow down and prepare to stop. That car you’re following on a clear stretch of road? Assume that they’re gonna slam on the breaks without any notice and without any reason at any moment. See those people waiting for the crossing light to say they can walk, but you’ve got a free turn? Assume they’re gonna walk anyway, right when you start to turn. If people had the right attitude toward driving then maybe there wouldn’t be more than a million road deaths every year.

    • my question is if this is such a huge issue for the community, where are the police. Shouldn’t they be there cracking down on people just standing in the middle of the road. If the council believes laws are being broken send in the police to enforce it, if its just an annoyance and no laws are in fact being breached, people will simply have to live with it.

    • Yeah, drivers always have a duty of care to pedestrians…………even if those pedestrians are dickheads that deserve it you cant run them over.

  • It’s cool how nobody shows up in this article saying “I’ll do what I want, it’s a free country. I’ll be an inconsiderate ass and ain’t nobody gonna stop me”. Unlike the first time the Rhodes thing was reported on.

    Pokemon Go! is cool and all. I think it’s a great idea for a game. I just think that it’s turned people a little mushy, is all.

    • Yeah totally. I was definitely pro-‘its public space!’ after the first article. I feel like a right idiot now for sticking up for them. That shit’s out of control…

      • I’m pro-public space too, I just think it should go hand-in-hand with consideration and being cool to your fellow human being 🙂

      • Nothing like a bit of regret to scupper a steadfast opinion.

        Guess it was getting a bit too tricky to argue and refute increasing evidence against “viva liberty pokemon!”. Never mind we still have all the original comments from older articles to look back on with hindsight.

          • I point out the obvious from the get-go!

            It was clearly reported, recorded and documented at the beginning of the public nuisance effect and the potential scale to escalate (which it had). At least you’ve caught up with the rest of us.

          • I didn’t read it like that initially, seemed more like entitled home owners whinging at first. But yeah, It did get substantially worse didn’t it, much worse than i expected anyway.

  • Just watching the video makes me wonder what they were thinking. I’m an avid Pokémon Go player and totally love the app. Best app to have ever been released!! But even so I don’t lose my common sense and break all road rules. Drivers have right of way and the last thing any driver would want to to have people walk out in front of their car when they are driving. For the people in the video to randomly wander into the streets when cars are coming is just inconsiderate behaviour and just plain dangerous. Really we should know better and just because some people are behaving badly is not an excuse to do the same thing. I beseech my fellow Pokémon Go players to play safe and show courtesy to those around them. Please don’t diminish how wonderful the app is by behaving poorly. The streets are for everyone to use so please kindly share while you catch them all!

  • Traffic blocking the road is ok. Humans blocking the road and footpath is not ok…….wtf?

    Just kidding, I think Pokemon go is a pretty addictive game. But as long as u don’t run on the streets disrupting traffic is fine and picking up your own garbage u filthy fuckus…

    *hint: turn off AR mode noobs….

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