Two Pokemon GO Trainers Allegedly Threatened At Gunpoint

Two Pokemon GO Trainers Allegedly Threatened At Gunpoint

Two Pokemon GO trainers have been robbed late at night in a skate park in Sydney’s south west, with police warning users to be careful.

The Macarthur Chronicle in Camden, NSW, has reported that two Pokemon GO players drove to the skate park in Tahmoor around 7:00 PM on Wednesday night. Upon entering the carpark, they were blocked off by a white Toyota Hilux.

Two men got out of the vehicle and threatened the pair with a rifle, although they later fled empty handed. The couple then travelled to the town centre (presumably the nearby one in Tahmoor, although it’s not specified in the report) and notified police.

An official release from NSW Police adds that neither the armed men or the white Hilux could be found:

Investigations are continuing and police are hoping to speak with two men who might be able to assist with inquiries.

One man is described as Caucasian in appearance, about 190cm tall with a medium build. He was wearing a dark blue jacket and dark pants.

The other man is described as Caucasian in appearance, about 180cm tall, with a solid build, and fair complexion. He was wearing a dark blue jacket with a high-visibility shirt underneath, dark pants, and work boots.

“Be aware of the circumstances you are putting yourself in and don’t create a situation where you may be in danger,” Detective Doherty added.

As a general PSA to everyone involved: please, please for the love of God be careful. Anyone with any information is also encouraged to ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or the Crime Stoppers website.


  • Nearly any Pokemon Go story can be replied to with a simple statement:
    “Please don’t be a fucking idiot while playing Pokemon Go”.

    This covers
    – Don’t fucking drive while playing Pokemon Go
    – Don’t fucking tresspass while playing Pokemon Go
    – Don’t fucking wander into dark alleys alone while playing Pokemon Go
    – Look where the fuck you are going while playing Pokemon Go
    – Don’t fucking assault people for taking your Gym while playing Pokemon Go
    – Don’t be a fucking asshole to other people playing Pokemon Go

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

    • These aren’t really Pokemon Go issues. There are so many people playing it, some of the crime that is going to happen will surely pick up some players.

      In other news, a Zelda player got a speeding ticket.

      • Yeah they definitely aren’t Pokemon Go issues, they are idiot issues, and considering so many people are playing Pokemon Go, that means the percentage of idiots playing Pokemon Go is also extremely high. It’s more of a general appeal to people to not be idiots in general, but also when they are playing Pokemon Go.

    • can’t remember the comedian, might have been Jim Jeffries. They said there’s an easy way to solve all of this, produce the world’s smallest bible. You open it up and it just says “Don’t be a dick”

      Not exactly rocket surgery but there you go.

  • Pokemon GO needs a ‘call for backup’ function to alert nearby trainers you need help.

  • Also Tahmoor is seriously middle of fucking nowhere ( i live in a slightly less middle of nowhere town not far from it) and there wouldnt be that many gyms n stops so something like this would be a lot easier as some are really damn isolated places, like say a footy club (tiny colourbond shed on the far side of a paddock which you already walked/drove a km or 2 down a dirt road to get to).

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