Watch Us Play Soft Body, A Puzzle Game About Doing Two Things At Once 

Soft Body is a new(ish) puzzle game for PS4 and Steam from game developer Zeke Virant. It's a $US13 ($18, Steam) / $19.45 (PS4) test of your ability to control two blobs through a field of bullets and barriers, each steered with a different analogue stick. One blob is weak but can paint walls. The other can take a bullet and attack enemies but will bounce back when hit. They can combine, too. Soft Body image from Zeke Virant via Steam

There's no story to this, best as we can tell. It's simply a gradually more challenging puzzle game that asks you to act quickly and strategically. Managing editor Riley MacLeod and I played it for a half an hour on Facebook earlier this week. You can check out our adventures in the video above. Warning: even the tutorial can be tough! Jump about 15 minutes in to see the game hit its stride.

Soft Body is also coming to Mac and Vita. More details at the game's official site.


    Is there supposed to be a link or video embedded or.....?
    Can't really "watch you play" anything until one of those things occurs

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