What Team Did You Want Mark To Join?

What Team Did You Want Mark To Join?

Earlier this week we asked you not only what Pokemon GO team you should join, but an even more important question: what team should Mark join.

Our erstwhile editor has been missing the mobile Pokemon craze for the past week, as he’s been happily enjoying a holiday. But living an active (read: climbing) lifestyle and loving Pokemon, I wagered that he’d be wandering around the city looking for Pokemon. But for what team?

Team logos via Jackaloupe.

Over 4,000 Kotaku readers contributed to our poll on Wednesday to gently suggest what team Mark should represent when his Pokemon GO journey begins. And when I say gently suggest, I mean strongly influence. Because that’s how it works, right?

In the end, the winner of the poll was Team Valor! Here’s the full results:

I’m surprised at how many people voted for Team Instinct, given that Yellow seems to be the least popular colour in Australia’s two largest cities. But I’m also surprised at just how close the vote was overall, with only a couple of hundred of votes between first and last.

So there you go! We now know what the people want. (Bet Mark goes and joins Team Mystic now.)


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