When Your University Looks Like A Giant Toilet

Bet the students learn all kinds of shit there. [Image: People's Daily]

Via People's Daily and ShanghaiIst, a new university building opened in Henan, China. People online were quick to note the obvious: It looks like a giant toilet!

[Image: People's Daily]

Even People's Daily, the official news outlet of China's ruling party, reported that the building looks like a huge potty.

[Image: People's Daily]

The building, which isn't yet in use, is apparently for student employment services.

[Image: People's Daily]

It might be used for other crap, though.

The design might just be intentional. The reason? According to ShanghaiIst, it's apparently located at the North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power. So it's possible this is more than a funny kwinky-dink. Let's hope.


    We get it. It looks like a toilet. Now quit taking the piss.

      I know right? Why are they dumping all over it so much?

        Is it wrong to say the architects are flushed with success? :-P


    Not all buildings are architecturally created equal.shit happens.

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