Windows 10 Free Upgrades End Today

Windows 10 is a free upgrade right now. That changes after today. As of tomorrow, it will cost you $179 for the standard version of Windows 10 and $299 for Windows 10 Pro. The absolute last minute to queue up your free upgrade is Saturday night at 7:59pm AEST.

My experience with Windows 10 since my spontaneously forced upgrade earlier this year has been solid. The biggest problem with Windows 10 isn't the operating system Microsoft built, it's the unnecessarily aggressive method of pushing upgrades on users giving the OS a bad name.

I wouldn't be shocked if Microsoft made Windows 10 a free upgrade again in the future — moving everyone over is in their interest, and most people are down with getting things for free — but that's just speculation for now.


    You forgot to add the "This Advertisement is Proudly paid and brought to you by Microsoft" Disclaimer

    Next week: Microsoft is proud to announce the new subscription based model for all users who have made the free upgrade...

    What the fuck $179 for Win 10 home?! That's highway robbery! I prefer what I did for my HTPC because I CBF going through the upgrade process again, was download the Win 10 .iso from Microsoft & get a key for Win 10 Home or Pro from a site like Kinguin for $30 or $40.

    Are they still going to be pestering me to upgrade?

      "For only $179, we will stop pestering you!"

      Why would you not upgrade? In my experience of upgrading at least 5 to 10 pcs every single computer, old and new, runs and does pretty everything better and quicker.

        Why would you not upgrade?

        Why are they so insistent on getting people to upgrade that they were literally fooling people into upgrading?

          Haha what does that mean? You don't want to upgrade because they want you too upgrade? We all know it's good marketing, get people on for free so that everyone uses it. But I guess some people are just looking for a conspiracy theory in everything. If your computer is on the Internet everyone, literally EVERYONE, knows what you doing. A different windows version won't change a thing.

            Haha what does that mean? You don't want to upgrade because they want you too upgrade? We all know it's good marketing, get people on for free so that everyone uses it

            Good marketing is making people want something. Changing the X to close button to then install instead of close the prompt is deception.

            If I kept visiting uninvited, asking "Can I move in?" and you kept saying no, then a few months after doing this I said "Can I not move in?" to which you said no without thinking, am I suddenly a great negotiator?

    Thanks for the warning. It may be worth noting that on a few PCs (mine included) it says that the deal has already expired (in the annoying dock reminder thingy), but it looks like you can still grab it directly from the web here: for the next few hours.

    I have machines that are never connected to the internet, is it possible to keep Win10 running without an internet connection, or is Microsoft still treating its users like ex-criminals on parole and requiring the computer to keep checking in , otherwise it decides you are a thief?

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      I've got a machine that has win 10 installed on it, all it has is a watermark thing telling me to activate windows

      They've never required you to 'keep checking in', in any version.

        Not quite true; versions with an enterprise license will phone in to make sure it's still on site, where it's licensed.

        Of course, home users shouldn't be running enterprise versions. Frankly, they probably don't need the professional version, either, except Windows 10 has a bunch of bad features you can't disable on the home version.

          Fair enough, volume licensing has checks, but I doubt that's what he's referring to.

        As soon as you change out some hardware it does.

          Only happens when certain key pieces of hardware change, like the motherboard. No internet connection is required, you can phone activate instead. Motherboard changes should be fairly rare so unless you're changing your board weekly there's no 'keep checking in' going on. You also have unlimited activations with retail versions of Windows, it's only OEM and system builder versions that are specifically licensed to a single hardware set (aka 'device' in the licence), and they're cheaper for that reason.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Microsoft made Windows 10 a free upgrade again in the future

    I'm reasonably sure they will. Otherwise, Windows 7 is fine until I build a new PC.

    Worth noting for anyone not wanting to actually upgrade now (or go through the upgrade rollback process), you can install windows 10 to a virtual disk then delete it afterwards and that will reserve your license for when/if you do want to change over.

    Here's a link for instructions

    Enjoy giving up control of your personal computer to MS

      Can we stop with this? Please?

      Windows 10 isn't the second coming, but it's not some evil scheme to steal your life force through your fillings or something. All of the data stuff is no different from what Android or iOS have been collecting for years. The difference is that you heard about it this time. Getting angry about it is shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

      If you don't like it, turn it off. Pretty simple. It takes 5 minutes and then you are using the best performing and most stable Windows platform currently available. Or stay with the unsupported version that runs worse. Or install Mint, or something.

    I took the plunge yesterday. After shutting off the "send all my data to Microsoft" and "use most of my meagre internet bandwidth to bit-torrent Windows patches, it seems to be fine.

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