Witness A Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night Speedrunner Beat The Game Blindfolded

Video: Using mist to leap off an enemy and reach a higher ledge would be tough enough on its own in Symphony of the Night, but doing so blindfolded? Let's leave that to the experts, like amazing Castlevania speedrunner romscout. romscout used a combination of brute memorisation, mental intuition and audio cues to demonstrate how it's possible to blaze through one of the best Castlevania games on Summer Games Done Quick this week.

Though speedrunning is prone to gimmicks, what helps make Summer Games Done Quick compelling is speedrunners taking the time to articulate their process. romscout and the folks joining him for commentary on the couch are fantastic at breaking down exactly what's happening.

Take, for example, this section where romscout deals with a doppelganger that mimics all his actions:

Too cool.

Summer Games Done Quick is still happening right now on Twitch.


    Just demonstrates rote learning... last i checked thats not cool

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