Woman Cosplays To Work To Beat Stupid Dress Code

Cosplayer June Rivas was told by her boss that her work attire was "unprofessional". Good thing she had a fix for that. Yahoo reports that Rivas' employer told her that "wearing her hair in a ponytail or donning a head scarf was unprofessional" (pictured, top), despite the unnamed company's dress code simply stating that employee's clothing needed to be "clean and pressed".

When Rivas filed a harassment complaint over this, the boss responded by detailing the dress code to include the banning of "straps, hats, sandals, cleavage, back out, lace" and even "cultural head wraps".

The Yahoo story says she has since reported her boss (who is female) to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, though in the meantime has found a workaround: Cosplaying to work.

Finding outfits that match the dress code, she's taken photos of herself at her desk wearing everything from Star Trek to Padme to Black Widow. Which might turn heads, but they most definitely do not include sandals or lace.


    So basically her work required her to wear apropriate attire and her response was to be a precious snow flake.

      Basically bosses be on a bossy power trip for no goddamn reason, and she's calling them on it like a good employee should.

        For some reason I read this as the boss was on a pussy power trip...

      If you can explain what's inappropriate about that first picture, I'll agree with you.


        there's your answer.

        Whilst my workplace would not have the same dress code theirs is just saying no hats which seems like the only viable part of the complaint. Regardless if it is pointless thats the dress code and most likely would have been for quite some time so it sounds like she just doesn't want people to wear hats.

        The hair thing I can sort of understand in the same regard for how guys at my work place are expected to keep their facial trimmed, brushed, and tidy at all times the boss may have thought the pony tail if messy and unprofessional. Just playing deveils advocate.

        Depends on what the office dress code is. I don't think they're saying it is widespread/morally inappropriate. derp.

      No the problem is that he boss has randomly decided what the dress code is outside of company policy. Update the actual policy and enforce it across the company and it wouldn't be a problem.

    Mixed on this, if it's a cubicle job I reckon her dress is fine, however if she does any consulting I can potentially see the Head Scarf being rather too casual for clients to see.

    Obvious smartarse trouble maker, I'd just sack her.

      And if it turns out she was doing her work well, then you would be an idiot.

        Not really. Being able to respect the workplace rules is as important as her work ethic and ability. If she's going to rebel like this over something as simple as a dress code, what does that say about her following things like OHS rules and other workplace rules that may restrict her behaviour? It speaks very poorly of her respect for the company that she would act so unprofessionally (not in the initial instance, but in her response to what eventuated, the cosplaying).

    I still find her response to be petty and unreasonable.

      That's how you do things these days. Instead if sucking it up and moving on with your life. You go into extreme mode to try and get yourself on the news.

      She's just young. I remember when I believed in things too. Now I just work hard and move on in the direction I'm going.

    Two wrongs don't make a right


      Only three lefts do that.

        So... 3 wrongs make a right???

          But 3 lefts do.

            Not if you only turn 5 degrees

              Valid point. It changes the entire nature of my understanding of right and wrong.

                Turn it topwise and you're on the trolley.

    Her response was petty and idiotic.

      Yes, it was. And it was also totally friggin awesome!

      I have much respect for this type of petty idiocy.

      Arguably, so was the complaint in the first place.

    Says more about her generation's narcissism and attention seeking than it does about her boss being a twat.

      All this time I didn't realise it was a generational thing, tomorrow i'm going to cosplay to work to try and get some attention I don't deserve; I might have some Latte's and travel so that I can never afford to buy a house while i'm at it.

      It's not a generational thing. She's just young. I can almost guarantee she'll look back on this in a decade with a shudder.

        Nah. Every other generation that stood around complaining that 'kids today are awful in every way' was just old and out of touch, but I'm sure now that it's my generations turn to complain it's actually true. My parents were idiots for thinking video games rot your brains, but social media? You better believe that's rotting kids brains.

          Haha. At least you know the score. I remember when gen x was the worst ever. Then gen y. It never ends. Small minds always want something big to hate upon. Like generation, gender, race or religion.

            We live in a world where young people are so driven by fleeting fame and attention provided by over sharing everything online. This is far more prevelent than it has been in the past.
            This young lady's immediate response to a company policy at her place of employment was to rebel like a child and plaster it all over the internet. And she went about it in a particularly infantile way. If pointing that out makes me small minded then so be it.

            Silly me I should have probably cheered her on for being unprofessional and not clever with her tantrum. Damn the man! Go the underdogs!

            Last edited 28/07/16 7:22 pm

              Wow. You are so fun!

              And I wasn't talking to you or about you. But you're right that if you think a WHOLE generation is a problem (seriously how many MILLION people are you referring to?), then I DO think you're small minded. Seriously. Use your brain.

              They've grown up with social media. Of course they're more comfortable with it than us. It's unfair to judge them for that.

              I remember when my generation was the 'worst one ever'. This is the way it's always been. And now it's my generation making these accusations to the next. I think it's stupid. It's sheep like behaviour and it's just not my bag.

              If you've got a problem with that then the problem is with you.

                Gen-Y are the Millenials according to Wikipedia. So unless you're gen-X or before, all those Millenials memes hating on Gen-Y are hating on you as much as they're hating on my fully employed, somewhat educated, 28 year old self.

                The whole hating on Millenials thing does kind of bug me. We haven't even had a chance to take nations to war.

    Some one is never getting a promotion and gone to the top of the redundancy list.

      Yah. It makes you wonder how much of a valuable employee she is. Veeeeeeery passive aggressive. It's not school anymore. It's work. Big difference.

    Banning ponytails? That's insane, and not even part of the company's dress code, just something the insane boss wants to control the female's in the company with.
    And yes business women are just as guilty as business men.

    That's some boss lady type shit. Good on her. Sounds like that company needs to come out of the dark ages and learn to treat it's people better if they're going to get all uppity about ponytails and headbands.

    Could be a cunning plan to bait her overly controlling and over-reaching boss to step over the line into definitely unacceptable behaviour so you've got a solid complaint against them.

    Not something I would take any sides with. The boss started it by being a dictator, trying to enforce rules beyond the company's own dress code. But the employee's response has not won her any favour, she's just being self-centred and ridiculous.

    If I were a higher-up manager in the company, I'd be giving both the boss and the employee warnings.

      Warnings for what? She's following the rules.

        Warning for the boss is easily justifiable as the rules she made up weren't part of the company policy.

        As for the employee, I suppose it was true she was technically following the rules, or lack of them I should say. But it still lacks common sense, I wouldn't be surprised if the company were to change their uniform policy in response.

    Looks like she's deliberately pushing the boss for a reaction that she can then exploit. Too bad we only get one side of the story.

    I didn't know there'd be so many satisfied with workplace rules being upheld via "shut up or get out."

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      But on the flip side, nobody is expecting you to wear make-up or kill your feet in high heels. You could cosplay as Clark Kent, Tony Stark, or Bruce Wayne any day of the week and nobody would raise an eyebrow.

      You'd know, though. In your heart.

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          So...you're calling me a loser and gay (2003 called, they don't even want their insult back because in hindsight they're ashamed of themselves) and I was just pointing out that you can still have fun within the constraints of business dress. And that your feet are comfortable. You know, trying to find some positives for you.

          Attempt a corporate job interview bare-faced while female and see what sort of feedback you get. Spoiler alert, you'll be considered 'unprofessional', even though the ability to paint your face doesn't correlate to any actual profession apart from I guess clowning. These standards are ingrained and enforced at a societal level that say that women's faces are horrific without makeup on, whereas men's faces look just fine without.

          tl:dr; The Patriarchy is making you wear ties.

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              Learn to construct an argument that doesn't rely on name-calling and stop acting like an asshole.

              Last edited 29/07/16 12:51 pm

    Seems like a fairly reasonable, albeit outspoken, response to work place bullying. Still not acting out side of their so called 'rules'.

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