Wonder Woman's Debut Trailer Is Simply, Well, Wonderful

Video: She's finally here. After years of false starts, a live-action Wonder Woman movie is coming next winter. Warner Bros. just revealed the first trailer at San Diego Comic-Con to the uproarious excitement of the Hall H crowd and it. is. perfect.

Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright. It opens mid-2017.

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    This is how you do female empowerment in films. This.

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      You mean... Writing them like they are people and not caricatures?

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        Precisely. Right down to the slavery line at the end and the reaction from the other woman. It didn't feel forced, or silly, it felt funny, in tone and character. The fish out of water element added to it. Highly anticipating this!

      Much better than some busting of ghosts that we dare not mention :P

    I'm just glad it's not being directed by Zack Snyder, I am cautiously optimistic.

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      Apparently he wrote it or co-wrote it. That has me worried.

        Well hopefully there is a part where Wonder Woman caves in someones skull with a sink, at least that way I can get a few laughs out of it like I did with BvS.

        I think that might be a good thing. The comparisons to Captain America are going to come hard and fast when the movie releases, so a Snyder influence should help differentiate it. So far he's done some great action stuff and his movies have had great ideas even if they were poorly executed.

    hmmm seems good but I couldn't help but feeling I was looking at a gender-bent Captain America movie (the first one).

      Exactly how I felt too.

      I'm sure it will be an awesome movie, but the similarities are pretty uncanny.

      Is it because of the shield?.. or because it's set in a war?

        Personally, I couldn't care. We've got room for heroes in wars that's for sure. Loving the look of the movie, the tone and wow, that jump overhead with the bow :D kickass!

          I was being a bit snarky.

          I'm really excited for this film, and the Justice League one too.
          I, personally, loved the bit where she slid on the shield in order to kick that guy in the legs.

            Oh hell yeah it looks awesome. I know people were saying that you know, a male should be able to direct just as well as a female etc, and theoretically it's true, but I really am glad they had Patty Jenkins direct it. I think that she's managed to help tap into just what this property needed.

            I, personally, loved the bit where she slid on the shield in order to kick that guy in the legs.

            Me too. I'm guessing that scene was written specifically because they went to write a shield Frisbee scene and realised people would think they're ripping off Captain America.

          I believe that's Artemis. Rival/friend of Diana.

          Info found here -


        I think because... both? One or the other wouldn't have set callbacks, but both does. And then you have the romantic interest being an accomplished soldier of the opposite gender and it all starts blurring.

          Both guys are also called Steve (Yay for all us Steves!) ;) lol. But, that's no problem really, because that's only two movies in a *plethora* of Superhero movies set in the modern day really. This ones also set in World War 1, dealing with trench warfare and a more different, more realistic tone than Cap, who had a higher tech tone with Hydra, the tesseract and its influence on Hydra using advanced weaponry etc. So it'll be a highly different tone.

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    Well I'll be, a DC movie I actually want to see. Haven't seen one of those for a while.

    Looks pretty cool, I'm in. Hopefully the DC universe can get off the ground, I think the Marvel formula is wearing a little bit thin and some darker stuff is needed. I actually kinda enjoyed BvS [OH NO HE DIDN'T] and I'm gonna check out the ultimate edition, though 3 hours is a bit of a slog.

      I'm really digging the DC cinematic stuff. Love both MoS and BvS. WW and JL trailers look bananas.

      It's worth a second watch (BvS) for sure, the ultimate edition works a lot better than theatrical. When you go into it knowing what's coming, it makes the movie more enjoyable.

    Gal's English is still pretty bad but this looks a million times better than Batman V Superman.

      I don't think her accent is that bad.
      Also, she's supposed to have an accent... she didn't come from England, she came from whatever island that is.

        Well, she'd be ostensibly Greek, I guess, so the accent works, I think.

    Is there a special filter they used to suck all the colour out of this film?

      Compared to BvS this looks like goddamn Yellow Submarine.

    Why give her a bloody sword and shield? For 70 years she's not needed weapons of war.

      She's had the sword and shield for a few years now, wiki says they came in the 2011 DC reboot.

        I love the shield.. Theres no weapon i love more than the shield..

      It helps make her backstory more presentable and generally neatens up her often messy lore. You've got to remember that for all the people who like Wonder Woman as a strong female superhero getting her own movie most of them don't actually know much about her. Just look at how many people think Gal Gadot's accent is bad because they don't get that Wonder Woman isn't American or English.
      By giving her the weapons it gives her a connection to her Amazon/mystical origins that's on the screen full time. It helps cement her as an ancient warrior not just someone with super strength. Aquaman gets a similar treatment with his trident/hook hand. It says 'I'm not some dude who can talk to fish, I'm a badass Atlantean'.

      Personally I'm hoping that this movie establishes her lore in the public mind and finally gives DC a baseline Wonder Woman they can reliably build future content off. Sort of like how Batman and Superman stuff doesn't have to get caught up explaining details because they know people will use TAS's Batman and Donner's Superman to fill the gaps.

    This trailer is amazing.. Heres hoping a return to form for DC..

    I originally disliked gal gadots wonder woman.. But this trailer, wow..

    I wish she wasn't based on the awful nu52 version with the sword and the unnecessary shield, and I wish she was a buff 6 foot Amazon who could bench press Superman, but it looks like it should be an enjoyable non-Zack Snyder movie, even if it's never going to be the WW I've always wanted.

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    Looks excellent and will definitely watch it though I am always disappointed that females in general(but not all) tend to never muscle up. She doesn't even look as fit as some female surfers I know or even runners, just some actual definable muscle would go a long to generate a more imposing figure and heroine. Aside from that I like how they're truly making her character powerful!

    You know, I've always found Wonder Woman to be pretty fucking lame. I mean, especially as an icon of female empowerment given her weakness to men tying her hands and her "rope of truth".

    That said, Gal Gadot looks fucking amazing as Wonder Woman (haven't actually seen BvS, heard bad things about it but good things about her), and this movie looks bad ass. I guess just because a character came from shitty beginnings doesn't mean it has to stay there.

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