Yooka-Laylee Is Coming Along Nicely

It's only available to select backers from the original Kickstarter campaign, but if you qualify you'll be able to see how Yooka-Laylee's engine and animations are coming along this weekend.

Playtonic Games has pushed out what they're calling the Toybox. It's basically a sandbox prototype of the game that will give backers an understanding of the animations, physics and mechanics underpinning the crowdfunded platformer.

The idea is to give everyone a taste of gameplay without spoiling the opening levels or the end look of the game, according to the FAQ. It's available to everyone who backed from the £20 tier and up, while those who spent £35 and more can get two codes.

To get a code — if you backed at the requisite level — you'll need to enter your Kickstarter e-mail address here. Codes will go out over the next 24 hours, and you can redeem the code through Steam by clicking on the Add A Game/Activate a Product on Steam option in the bottom left of the main Steam window:

Image: Kotaku

It looks pretty smooth so far. And the whole Toybox thing reminds me of the small sandbox created for Next Car Game. Hopefully Yooka-Laylee doesn't spend quite as long in development.


    It's pretty solid so far. I found all the official collectables and dev areas, but I'm wondering how much more there is too it. There's got to be like a triple double omega secret in there, and then an even bigger secret they can bring out a year after launch.

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