You Can Now Request New Pokestops And Gyms In Pokemon GO

Live in a place with crappy Pokemon GO landmarks? Don't have enough Pokestops near you? Have a good idea for something that would make for a great meeting ground for Pokemon GO players? Good news. You can now lobby Niantic with Pokemon GO requests. REMKO DE WAAL / GettyImages

Requesting new Pokestops and gyms is easy. Just visit the official Pokemon GO support page, and fill out this form:

I'm sure many of you have brilliant ideas already, like making sure that our astronauts can capture monsters on the moon. That said, do note that Niantic shies away from actual homes as Pokestops, and that submitting a request does not guarantee that it will be accepted — they seem to be overloaded right now, but note that requests sent via this form will be passed "along to our business development team and if they are interested they will follow up directly".

Good luck!


    Please note that private residential properties are automatically rejected. Also places that you cannot safely reach as a pedestrian (middle of a round about etc).

    There a zero Pokéstops/Gyms even visible from my home, and no where nearby that would meet the requirements for being a Pokéstop/Gym. Forever traveling/spending RL money.

      All the pokestops near my house are Telegraph poles with native animal murals painted on them.
      If that qualifies a park sign, bench, bus stop might work

      There roads around work don't even show up let alone any stops or gyms and I'm stuck here for two weeks :-P

      Wonder if I can get some here.

    This sounds good. Where i live there is only one nearby gym and that's about a 15-20 minute walk (zero locations visible for me until i walk at least 10 minutes and even then none of reachable for another 10 minutes) and is in the middle of a round about (there's a historic plaque there) that is only reachable if you cross a 3 lane main road with no lights or intersection for traffic to stop at whereas there's another similar historic marker on my street that is a lot safer to reach.

    Wonder if they'll look at these though, i imagine it will be flooded with requests.

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    This site needs to be renamed Pokemon Gotaku.

    It used to be about gaming. Now it's all about training. ;)

    I don't see the screenshotted item in the list now...

    Looks like they've removed that option from the template...

      "No Pokestops or Gyms near me" is still there.
      I assume that similar but depends what they mean by "near me"

    I got like no gyms anywhere near my house. And the closest one is at least 30mins drive.
    I've lugged in a ticket, and it got denied instantly (within 5 minutes)

    Ingress players have pretty much gotten most eligible sites already covered. I would suggest any new businesses, like burger joints, fish and chip shops, anything where people congregate.

    lol, there's one in the middle of a roundabout here in Finland .. (There's a statue in the middle)

    They have removed the option and are no longer taking requests. Got my hopes up for a second there.

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