You Won’t Need PlayStation Plus To Play No Man’s Sky

You Won’t Need PlayStation Plus To Play No Man’s Sky

Well, that’s a relief.

It was David Milner, the Australian Editor of Game Informer, that pitched the obvious (in hindsight) question: will you need PlayStation Plus to play No Man’s Sky. The answer, thankfully, is no.

The reasoning: the No Man’s Sky universe is so vast. The chances of you running into another player in that universe is so astronomically small that it’s practically a single-player experience by default. Makes sense.

But it’s nice to be sure.

Thanks Game Informer


  • Good to know. It’s not something that even occurred to me, but because the PS4 isn’t my primary console I don’t maintain a PS+ sub. It’d be real disappointing if I tried the game out and discovered I had another $80 charge coming at me.

  • Wait, so that is cool and all, and yay! But how does that work with the trading and battle part of the game? I’m sure I read you could trade with other players and didn’t the trailer show space battles and stuff? That would all require online, so does this mean if you don’t have PS+ you won’t be able to trade or will you only be able to do so with NPCs? (Edit, and yeah I see that it would be a rare thing to meet up with another player, but still.)

    • You have a better chance of winning the lottery than meeting another player. You trade and fight with NPCs. We don’t know yet if you can trade with people, but it’s deliberately hard to tell if someone in the game is a person or an NPC. They have confirmed you can fight them. There is a strong suggestion if a lot of people go to a certain point of interest there could be multiple instances of that POI so there arent many people there.

  • Good, at least you can cruise the galaxy knowing that you aren’t going be blown up by a 12 year old.

  • I actually thought of that the other day. I’m keen to try this game out, but if it required a PS+ account, I was going to pass. I’m still a bit miffed that I paid all the money for Rocket League, only to find that the game is locked behind a PS+ subscription. Oh well, I enjoyed my couple of days on a free trial.

  • Have they actually shown any player-player interaction? I honestly can’t remember.

    To be honest I sort of presumed NMS works like elite:dangerous in solo mode… you play in a unified game world but you don’t actually have other players in your “instance”.

    On the subject, does anyone know if the universes for PC and PS4 are seperate? (Again not assuming their will be cross-play but wondering if it’s same universe ie for discoveries etc)

    • seperate universes for pc and ps4. players will be in the same universe and see each others discoveries and if you make a big enough change to the planet will also be visible, players in the same locale will see each other but theu havnt said how many can be in the same instance and/or how they can interect

      • Where did you hear this? Have seen NO official word about separate instances or lack of for PC and PS4. There’s a fake twitter (THE no mans sky), steam account (No Mans sky) and website (No mans run by one guy who spreads a lot of misinformation. A whois will tell you his name and details which show’s he’s not anything to do with Hello Games even though he pretends to be an official source. I’m surprised he hasnt been shut down.

  • Man… Was a bit naff about this – and the hype will likely be eclipsed by Deus Ex – but this is actually starting to interest me. Intrigued.

  • Everything I hear about the multiplayer is very smoke and mirrors… I understand the likelihood of meeting another player is astronomically small, but is that just something that we are saying to explain the lack of a multiplayer instance, where you can’t actually physically interact with other players beyond their discoveries? I have my doubts it is even possible to meet another player regardless of the probability we assign to it because it just isnt intended to be a game feature and this explanation just sounds better.

  • I went pretty crazy over this game a while back and devoured all clips and knowledge I could find. From memory you don’t get to see what your character looks like. If you stumble across another player they will be the first person/alien to see you.

    After they shoot you, strip your cooling corpse, tea-bag you and excavate a rough dick shape for a tombstone, they might send you a pic as a memento. That’s when you’ll first see your own form.

    Can’t wait! 🙂

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