YouTuber Admits Faking Reaction Videos To Promote Gambling Site

And if you didn't have your fill of content creators failing to properly disclose their association with gambling websites, here's some more drama to help you through the day. A YouTuber has publicly admitted he faked the reactions behind two videos, in a ploy to promote a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling website.

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PsiSyndicate might not be the biggest online star, but his subscriber base of almost 475,000 users is certainly large enough to attract attention. And one source of that was a sponsorship from gambling sites, something the British-born Youtuber has since revealed.

In a video via his channel, which has been active since August 2, 2011, the content creator revealed that gambling website Steamloto had offered to rig draws for him so he could get some lucrative Counter-Strike skins. PsiSyndicate would promote the website through videos on his channel in exchange, but he didn't reveal at the time that he had entered into an agreement with the website.

Annotations have since been added to the two videos showing that the draw, and his reactions, were faked. He went on to claim that he had been hiding this disclosure for a while. "That's what I've been hiding for a while, it's not been the hardest thing ... like I said, there was no concerns about anyone ever finding out, because how the fuck are they going to? But there you go. If you think I'm a prick for it ... go unsubscribe, do whatever you want."

So if people weren't ever going to find out, why reveal it at all? According to PsiSyndicate, regret was one of the motivating factors. "I am going to kind of move away myself from CS:GO because the temptations are too high," he said, adding that any sponsorships going forward will be more openly disclosed.

One of the annotations in the video note says "these websites want to THROW $1ks [sic] of skins at [YouTube]/streamers", which echoes an email YouTuber ImmortalHD posted earlier this afternoon:


    So if people weren’t ever going to find out, why reveal it at all?
    I thought it was because he got found out?

      The other article was about someone using the handle "ProSyndicate", while this one is "PsiSyndicate". It's totally different :)

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    What pieces of shit, anyone who promotes gambling is a waste of sprog

    This video was strange, he wasn't really apologizing.
    It was more of "I'm sorry i got caught", masked with excuses and him trying to justify what he did, badly.

    Maybe I'm just projecting, but people like this sort of scare me, in that they can do something
    really crappy like deceive people (probably kids) and not feel that bad about it.
    Dunno if the internet makes it harder to connect to people, so it doesn't feel like people on the other end of the internet are actually real people?

    I mean I don't want this guy to be horribly punished or anything, but damn, at least
    he should feel bad about it.
    If we all brushed this off like he did the world would be a pretty shitty place.

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