11 Fans Who Love Overwatch So Much, They Got Tattoos

It's no news that Overwatch is in vogue, but for some fans, the game is more than just the flavour of the week. Overwatch heroes' elaborate backstories and compelling character design has led some players to identify with them on a deep, personal level. And what happens when people really, really like something? They get a tattoo of it! Check out these Overwatch tattoos below. Surprisingly, I didn't find any nods to the game's already inked-up heroes Hanzo and Roadhog. The female heroes seem to be the most popular, with Mercy and Tracer in the lead:

Mercy by Halo Jankowski

Reaper on Dmitriy Zubr

Junkrat on streamer Tatiana Fawks by Daniel Jones

Mercy on Alex Counihan by Damian Cain

Tracer on Alex Counihan by Damian Cain

Dva's symbol on @montiilyet by Pablo at Red Skull Tattoos


    ......................... What the actual F is going on.
    I'm all for its your body do what you want yarda yarda but my god

    That first Mercy totally looks like Ellen Page, right?!

    Really like that Tracer second to last

      Was gonna say the same thing, the best one by far

    I think tattoos are cool and all, but isn't this kind of like tattooing your girlfriend/boyfriend's name in a heart after dating for a couple of weeks?

    Most of these are rather average. The 2 Mercy and the 2 Tracer ones are solid. Widowmaker is pretty bad I would get that looked a by another artist, might be salvageable.

      Oh the I missed that third mercy. It is almost good, the linework is great but the face seem off?

    Most are terrible... Look at that reaper or the third Mercy! The first pic is a well done tattoo but her face is whack!

    Their money and body though, go for it.

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