A Godzilla Anime Movie Is Coming Next Year

In the wake of Shin Godzilla's arrival in Japan, there's been swirling rumours of a new Godzilla anime on the horizon — which would, surprisingly, be the King of Kaiju's first ever anime series. Now they have been validated, although it's not quite an anime series — instead a new animated Godzilla film is coming out next year. Announced through an official website yesterday, the currently untitled project will be penned by Gen Urobuchi, and directed by Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita (both known for their work on Detective Conan movies, as well as Fist of the North Star for Shizuno and Knights of Sidonia for Seshita) for a release next year through Polygon Pictures. There are no other details on the film other than the above futuristic-looking concept art, so there's not much we can glean about it just yet.

This won't be Godzilla's first animated adventure — there were two different Godzilla cartoons in the West, one of which was set after the 1998 Godzilla reboot — but it marks Godzilla's first proper anime appearance in the franchise's history, outside of a recent appearance by Shin Godzilla in an episode of Crayon Shin-Chan.

[Anime News Network]


    At first I was only mildly interested, but then you said Gen Urobuchi was writing and now Ooooh, I can't wait!

    For a brief moment after reading the headline I was worried Hideaki Anno was going to further delay Evangelion to direct this... Gen Urobuchi writing had me interested though.

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