A Haunted Sandcastle Pokemon Exists, It Seems

Oh. My. Goodness. It seems as though a sandcastle Pocket Monster is coming to the upcoming 3DS title Pokemon Sun and Moon. In the upper corner of the below image, you can see the small Ghost/Ground type Pokemon called Sunabaa (スナバァ), which is a riff on the Japanese word for sandbox, sunaba (砂場).

Sunabaa evolves into the Ghost/Ground type Pokemon called Shirodesuna (シロデスナ), which can literally mean "A Castle of Sand" or be a word play on the Japanese "城ですな" or "That's a castle." Note that the standard way to write sandcastle in Japanese is "suna no oshiro" (砂のお城).

These Pocket Monsters were apparently revealed in an upcoming issue of Japanese magazine Coro Coro Comic. It should get its official announcement shortly.

The haunted sandcastle Pokemon joins the likes of Klefki and Chandelure as a memorable Pocket Monster that appears to loosely inspired by tsukumogami.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be out on the 3DS this November.


    Doesn't look great, but there is such a huge amount of 'mons now that who cares?

      Xyppiatt used Comment!

      Its not very effective....

      Yeah, I'm with @mrtaco , looks like a cool dude. I'd definitely have him on my team.

        The great joy of Pokemon is that there are enough that anyone can make up a team of cool mons. No offence to Dircastle, but I don't want him on mine haha.

          That's a really reasonable and levelheaded mindset to have. My response is: you're wrong and I hate you.

    Shirodesuna (シロデスナ), which
    can literally mean “A Castle of Sand” or be a word
    play on the Japanese “城ですな” or “That’s a
    castle.” Note that the standard way to write
    sandcastle in Japanese is “suna no oshiro” (砂の お城).
    God dammit Brian you do this every time. What is the pronunciation of that middle word?
    There's no point trying to explain the Japanese naming if you're going to leave out half the explanation. Chances are the people you're explaining it to can't read Japanese characters.

      That's because the middle word is the same as the Pokemon's name "shirodesuna"...

        Ah, I see now. The sentence more seemed to imply to me that there was some kind of similar-but-different deal going on, but with the way the other words were formatted it looked like there was info missing.

      You mean this? "城ですな"? A handy thing I do when trying to figure out what character goes to what is to just jump into google translate and punch it in, because it'll give you the romaji underneath the text box. But from what it seems, it's just replacing the "shi ro" kana with the kanji "shiro". シロ~城

        You know, it never even occurred to me to try using google translate :P

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