A Tip For Those Who Bought No Man’s Sky On Good Old Games

If you’re Australian and you were also keen to play No Man’s Sky on PC, you’ll have noticed that the cheapest versions of the game weren’t through Steam. Good Old Games surprisingly had one of, if not the best, offerings prior to launch presuming you weren’t prepared to buy the game from less than reputable retailers.

But not buying on Steam has some problems. And while there’s a lot to like about GOG’s service, the one thing it doesn’t have is cloud saves. Fortunately, there’s a way to fix that.

We take the cloud for granted, us gamers. That’s not a platform exclusive thing, either. But when you try and fire up a game on another PC through GOG’s Steam-esque client, GOG Galaxy, you don’t get the benefit of the cloud.

And for No Man’s Sky, that’s a lot of lost progress. Fortunately, there’s an answer.

The save files for the game are conveniently saved deep within the Users folder for Windows. They’re in a sub-folder called “HelloGames”, which you can see below:

To get here, the full folder path is: “C:UsersXXXXAppDataRoaming”, where “XXXX” is the name of the account you logged into Windows with.

This should be the default path whether you’re using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, although if you’ve relocated your Users folder to another drive then you’ll have to navigate there. Alternatively, just type “appdata” into the Run dialog (which you can bring up by pressing R+Windows key) and press Enter, and you’ll have saved yourself the trouble.

All you have to do from that point is compress or copy the HelloGames folder. Drop it onto a USB stick or zip it up into an email — the whole folder is only a few megabytes large — and then your No Man’s Sky save is ready to go.

The only thing required from there is to paste the files into the same location on your second PC, or the PC you’ve just freshly installed No Man’s Sky and GOG Galaxy on, and you’re free to carry on your space adventures from where you last left it.

Of course, it’d be nice if GOG just enabled cloud saves so people didn’t have to mess around with all of this. That said, messing around with the game’s files seems to be a prerequisite for playing NMS on PC at this point anyway.

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