Here's All The New World Of Warcraft: Legion Stuff

As Kotaku's resident non-Final Fantasy MMO player, I pretty much have to play through World of Warcraft's upcoming Legion expansion. You have a choice. Blizzard's dropped a video covering all the major new places and things meant to help you make that choice come August 30.

Ten more levels, a new class with only 12 levels to gain (ugh), fresh raids, places to run through, weapons that will be nice until at least the next expansion comes out. Were I not obligated, I might be on the fence. What do you guys think?


    Didn't even know we were doing a neutral city again, however garrisons made azshara somewhat secondary, I wonder if class halls will do the same too Dalaran.

    It's scary thinking about how much time I spent alone in the Garrison...

      From beta experience, there's not much incentive to hang around in your order hall. Dalaran will definitely be the main population hub.

      Class halls are not lonely, you will see other members of your class running around... its like a class onlt section of Dalaran due to the portalling but will immediatly hate 25% to 75% of the players in the class hall cause the artifact they wield clearly shows they rolled the wrong spec. (Druids hate other druids, cat form for life)

      I think you mean Ashran? :P

      And seconding @zombiejesus, fortunately it's not supposed to be the case. I think I speak for everyone when I say I've been scarred by garrisons.

        Ya see, it was so secondary in nature i don't even know it's name :P

        im one of those crazy people that actually enjoyed staying in their garrision instead of staying in stormwind/shat/dal/shrine/trashcan.

        however from playing the beta world quests are the thing that gets people out of the hub and into the world

          enjoyed staying in their garrision instead of staying in stormwind

          Because you were playing Alliance, at least your garrison was pretty. The horde one looks like they spent all their time making the Alliance one then ran out of time on the Horde one.

      That was one of the big failures of WoD I think.
      It turned an MMO into a solo grind (apart from the odd 5man or raid).

    I'm pretty sure the class order halls are the hub for world questing at max level, aren't they?

      Not really, world quests appear on the map like the bonus area parts when you unlock them. 3 factions are picked as "the ones you need to do" and you just need to do 4 world quests associated with that faction to get the bonus reward. Then that bonus will lock down for 1-3 days until it randomises another faction to fill that place. The world quests themselves still remain active and you can still get the rewards for completing them but they don't count toward a meta world quest completion. The quests themselves work kind of like garrison quests except you go out and complete them.

    "As Kotaku’s resident non-Final Fantasy MMO player" Okay okay okay like I'm NOT an MMO player and I've never gotten past like level 20 but if you have ONE PERSON willing to look at the latest WoW expansion...I'm fairly sure it's still one of the biggest games in the world. It's one of the biggest genres in the world, if getting smaller than it was say 5-10 years back.

    You have a whole team of people who have decided that writing about this hobby of gaming is their calling in life, their vocation...and you have ONE person willing to watch and repost the Blizzard video that advertises new features in a game that is relevant to SO MANY GAMERS.

    This is similarly shown with the oh so painful MOBA articles that come out. So many of them are written with the perspective of "If you HAVE to play this game then this is a good way to do it" like if you're sad inside about playing games don't play them; but also if you're running a video game journal, please make an effort to have writers who are relevant to games being released! This is VISIBLY taking it's toll on Mike, you can feel his resentment about being the one expected to check out the new release through the screen!

    There are still garrison quests etc which bums me out a bit, I hope its not rammed down our throats this time, it is sooooo shiiiiiiiit.

      its not, for one you can only have 6 or 7 followers and only 5 can be active. missions are much longer most being around 6-12hr mark. Theres also not that many missions available each day and they dont give loot, but instead give quests that can reward loot

      Yeah what thyco said, There are only a handful of missions at any given time and at first they are kind of rammed down your throat as there is a chain of missions for the class hall campaign but outside of that they are less essential.

      Don't ignore them though. make it a priority to do the campaign quests. taking your time about it then finding you have to "grind" certain aspects of them is shitty. Loot 100 demon blood as demon hunter is easy enough but doing the quest is necessary to progress your campaign and if you have gone through aszuna first then go back to pick up up the quest, you will kick yourself (aszuna demon density is higher than most )

    In my opinion it still looks dated as hell. Still not enough to persuade me to resub.

    im enjoying the "noob" build its so refreshing

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