Party Chat: AMC's Preacher

AMC's Preacher: An uneven first season, but hopefully things will improve.

What it is: AMC's ambitious adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's comic book series Preacher.

What I've watched: Finished the first season last night.

Is it good? Hmm. Mixed, I'd say. Some cool stuff, some very frustrating stuff.

Quick thoughts: I've read some of the comics but don't remember them that well, so I didn't mind changes from the source material. Loved the first few episodes, loved the back half a lot less. The finale in particular was a mess — some great moments, but I was frustrated by how willing the showrunners were to essentially undo the entire season I'd just watched. I loved the recurring Breaking Bad reference, and agree with the rest of the world that Ruth Negga is amazing. I'm definitely in for season 2, though I'm still a little grumpy that all the consequential events of the first season could've probably fit into an episode or two.

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    Sorry but I have to disagree on something, Ruth Negga was ok but Joe Gilgun was amazing. Cassidy was the best role in the show bare none. Easily. His scene in the jail cell with the sheriff was stunningly good, his scene finding Jesse fighting in the hotel room, hilarious.

    Given season 1 was a 'prequel' to the comics with only a few similar elements, I can handle the changes (hell, I watch the walking dead right?), and I think it definitely lands fair in the side of 'very good' rather than 'mixed', with only one truly average episode dealing with Tulips backstory.

    I enjoyed the first season, I will watch the second to see if they answer some unanswered questions from the 1st season. Only 10 episodes so won't take people long to catch up if they want to watch.

    Have not read any of the comics, but I really enjoyed the first season. My mum LOVED it.

    So with out downloading this illegally how can I watch this show. Loved the comics and I really want to see this.

    Amazing show and hope it has at least another 4 or 5 seasons in it. Not read the comic as I don't want to spoil anything.

    I think the issue many have with the show is that the first episode was the climax. It was a full on, in your face, Tarantinoesque episode then was followed up by a slow burner. Throw in the occasional epic fight (hotel room was the best) but mainly the show could drag on a bit.

    That said, I couldn't stop watching it and loved it. Really looking forward to season 2.

    I enjoyed the start, it seemed like AMC had learnt their lesson with Walking Dead about dragging shows out. But then the middle became pretty boring and the end really didn't sit right. The tone felt all over the place and it was overly corny/schlocky.

    I also sort of have a real issue with them making Eugene an almost nonredeemable asshole by making his backstory be about him committing attempted murder. Why isn't he in jail? The whole point with Eugene was that he was a pretty decent fellow who made a mistake and now pays for it by looking like an anus. What he did only hurt himself, and others indirectly.

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