AMD And NVIDIA’s Drivers For No Man’s Sky Are Out

AMD And NVIDIA’s Drivers For No Man’s Sky Are Out

A lot of PC gamers had a pretty miserable time when they loaded up No Man’s Sky over the weekend. And while some .ini tweaks and messing about in the options has fixed problems for many, there are still plenty of issues.

But AMD and NVIDIA have finally come to the rescue, with both manufacturers releasing their game ready drivers for the space sandbox in the last 24 hours.

Starting in alphabetical order, AMD released their Crimson 16.8.2 drivers first. It officially adds support for No Man’s Sky and the open beta of Epic’s MMO, Paragon. It also fixes some crashes in Overwatch when browsing the hero gallery, and a couple of quirks when Freesync is enabled.

On NVIDIA’s side, their 372.54 drivers came out early this morning. They’re optimised for NMS and Paragon, but they’re also the Game Ready Drivers for the spiritual successor to Myst, Obduction, as well as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and F1 2016.

There’s also a beta SLI profile for No Man’s Sky, along with DX11 profiles the new Deus Ex and Space Engineers of all things. But perhaps most importantly, the 372.54 drivers also fix the high DPC latency issues that some had noticed with the GTX 10 series cards.

If you’d like to download the latest NVIDIA drivers, you can head over to the website or download them directly through the GeForce Experience middleware. Those sporting a GPU from Team Red can find the correct driver over on AMD’s support page.


  • Does it make the game run better? My guess is we still need to wait for a Hello Games patch to get any sort of gains…

  • Why do GPU manufactures need to release drivers for games? Aren’t the games developed on current drivers anyway?

  • OK for me the driver doesn’t seem to add anything (no surprise). Tried SLI (with 2 x 980 ti) and started stuttering like George VI. So I’ll sit tight and wait for the official fix I guess.

    • Sucks to hear, can’t say I’m surprised either though. I suppose all we can do is wait, again…

    • Been a lot of positive news from people running the experimental patch of No Man’s Sky with new drivers. Expect improvements when it’s out (no guarantee on SLI, though).

    • Hey mrsid! You can edit the .ini for the game if needed to get a performance increase. There are two hidden settings, Borderless = make sure it’s set to ‘true’ and Gsync = make sure set to false.

      My game went from barely 30fps a sec to 90fps in space and 60 or there abouts on planets. Keen to see if the driver update helps further.

      • Thanks! I got onto that pretty early on and I’ve had no issues with frame rate (@80fps) so left Gsync on as I have a Gsync monitor. I just have the odd stutter and wanted SLI to get as close to 120 or 144fps on my monitor as I get a bit nauseous when panning on low refresh rates.

      • Can you explain this a bit better for me? I have seen that you are supposed to edit the TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML, but it won’t let me open it in notepad. I can’t find the .ini file myself. Sorry if this is a basic question!

        • You can also download Notepad++ (which is great) and just edit it with that. Once you’ve opened it up, you’ll see pretty quickly what you need to change — there’s not many options and it’s all quite readable.

  • Install drivers? What is this… 1996? Do I also need to download them over my 14400 baud modem from my local BBS via my serial port and terminal client? Should I play a game of Tradewars 2002 while I wait? Drivers suck donkey balls.

    Nobody plays games on Windows NT anyway, it’s all Snake on the mobility phones.

    • Im not sure where you got the idea that drivers are useless, but they’ve been used since the beginning of damn time. Everything you plug into anything ever uses drivers. Chill

  • Just change the file extension from ‘MXML’ to ‘XML’, then right click and edit. don’t forget to change it back to ‘MXML’ when you’re done.

  • Brilliant, exactly what I needed. Im using the experimental patch right now and it’s going well so far.

  • You justhave to change the file extension from ‘MXML’ to ‘XML’, then right click and edit. don’t forget to change it back to ‘MXML’ when you’re done.

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