Anyone For A $35,000 Super Mario Bros. Watch?

Anyone? No? Designed by Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome — who has done this sort of thing before — there will only be 85 of these made, and they will only be available during the rest of August as part of a "World Watch Fair" at Japan's flagship Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi store.

And no, that headline isn't a typo. They're selling for ¥2,700,000, which at today's exchange rate is $35,156.

Comments save your money and get one of these bad boys

    Does it like... play the game or something?

    I got one of the SMB pocket watches that were about ten bucks in Tokyo a few years back, sadly it seems to be pretty unreliable for keeping time or continuing to work at all while being moved around in one's pocket. But at least it looks nice on the shelf I guess.

    I was in Switzerland last year for my honeymoon and walked right past their store and took a photo of their promo. Totally forgot about it!

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