Apparent PS4 Slim Leaks On Auction Site

Apparent PS4 Slim Leaks On Auction Site

Apparent images of a slimmer, sleeker version of the PlayStation 4 have popped up on the UK auction site Gumtree (h/t NeoGAF), where a British seller claims to have obtained an unannounced model of Sony’s latest console. It’s going for only £295.

We don’t know if this machine is real, but the pictures are compelling. It’s no great shock that Sony would be preparing a slim version of the PS4, as they have done for past generations of PlayStation hardware. This model, if real, looks to be a direct replacement for the older version, as the packaging simply says ‘PS4.’ It will compete with Microsoft’s Xbox One S, which launched earlier this month.

On September 7, Sony will hold an event called the PlayStation Meeting in New York City, where the company will unveil their more powerful PS4, code-named Neo, which Kotaku broke news of earlier this year. A good guess would be that they plan to announce the PS4 Slim then as well, and that it will be available very soon.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment. More pics below:


  • Looks like a fugly laptop. Shame, the design of the original was really nice.

    I do like the “PS shapes” shaped feet though, that’s a nice touch.

    • My first thought was that somebody had just taken a cheap flatbed scanner and painted it black 😛

    • Seconded. Looks boring. The PS shapes for feet is nice indeed. Just too bad we can’t see it normally. lol

    • As a designer, I am in love with this design. It makes the original PS4 look flimsy and awkward in comparison. It also had some pretty frustrating design flaws, such as the touch buttons being incredibly difficult to not accidentally push whenever you might be removing or attaching cables, not to mention the confusion trying to work out which button was which due to the tiny size of the icons on them. I remember when I first opened the box up I stared at the machine for at least 5 minutes trying to find the goddamn on button.

      Love the face button symbol feet too. The playstation logo on the bottom as well though is a bit bizarre. This design is really good because it takes the spirit of the PS4’s design but simplifies it further to better represent the concept more efficiently. Perfection is not where there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

      EDIT: Whoa just noticed the USB port placement. That is a little odd. Maybe there’s a Playstation VR reason why this is the case? Does it connect somehow through USB?

      • Really? I don’t see how this captures anything of the original other than the slant, which just seems somehow diminished in comparison. Granted in terms of functionality the original wasn’t so intuitive with its tiny itty bitty little Power and Eject buttons, but that’s really only an issue for the first ten minutes of owning the thing until you’ve learnt what’s what. And as much as I generally prefer matte over gloss, it just seems to make this look like a bland slab that, unlike the original which evoked memories of the PS2, more evokes (as alluded to by Braaains above) memories of a piece of office equipment.

        Edit: The PSVR has a breakout box with some other cabling necessary, I’m not sure how it’d fit compared to this in terms of placement or size but it could be related I guess?

        • You’ve got the slant, you’ve got the horizontal cut away in the middle of the two pieces. I’d argue those are the two main design features of the original. If you squinted at the PS4 now, the key elements are there. The weird gloss panel for the harddrive always seemed a bit strange to me and the light line running along the top isn’t actually all that useful considering you’re rarely looking down at the console.

          I think the console’s job is not to stand out but to fade away. This one does a much better job of looking minimal and elegant compared to the previous version. The less visible parts in its construction the better it looks, I think. But there’s no accounting for taste, some people want their consoles looking like game machines, others want them to fit in with their lounge room / set up without standing out like a sore thumb.

  • Only 500Gb? I thought we were getting to the point where nobody would do less than 1Tb? Although I guess the point of the slim model is usually to make it cheaper, so I suppose this would keep the price down.

    • its on this simple fact i call “bullshit”, no way would Sony be pushing PS4 with 1TB only to slide back to 500GB when the drives are physically the same size. i reckon this is a mod-job with an older ps4 and some clever photo-shopping to reproduce the boxart.

      • Physically the same size, but different prices. Although even buying retail, the difference between 500Gb and 1Tb is only about $20, so you wouldn’t think it would have that big an impact on the price to go for 1Tb instead of 500Gb.

  • Apart from the PSOne, their slimline consoles always look way cheaper than their originals. Probably because they are built cheaper!

    • Really? The PSOne looked tacky & cheap imo. But saying that I always preferred the 2nd gen PS3 over gen 1 or that god awful gen 3 they had..

  • Looks good. But really hope Sony won’t be announcing this on September 7th. I still want the NEO.

  • I’m calling fake.
    1. 500gb leading into 2017 is pointless.
    2. No optical audio connection, why would they remove this?
    4. USB ports are incredibly far apart. I have not seen any previous hardware in consoles designed this was and to me it doesn’t make sense.
    3. It doesn’t have the beam of light that Sony once said would be a part of the identity of PS4.

    It’s a decent attempt at making convincing looking hardware, but I don’t buy it, and if it is in fact legit, its downright disappointing as far as hardware goes in my opinion.

    • 1. For some people it may be “pointless”, but 500GB is plenty for me and I imagine lots of others
      2. Cost. And I imagine the usage is pretty low
      3. They are probably reusing the original board design, and the easiest space to add another USB was at the edge
      4. Cost

    • The Xbox One S will be available in 500GB tomorrow, so both sides are doing it. And the Wii U never got higher than 32GB!

  • If it’s legit, it does look nice. The power/eject buttons look way better than the OG version. I have a day 1 PS4 and I love it, but damn those buttons are terrible. Hard, plasticky and have absolutely no “give” to them so the only way you know you’ve pressed them successfully is the beep.

    I can’t see the optical audio port on those back photos though. Hidden behind a pop out panel or something?

    • You’re not meant to press the buttons on the front of the ps4, you’re meant to slide you’re finger down it. It works really well once you figure it out

      • Wow, that makes so much sense now.

        (In theory I still think I’d prefer the tactile press button in the mockup, but TIL).

      • Wow. I never knew that…. My problem with those buttons is that the icons on them are damn near microscopic and in a dark gaming room it’s hard to see which is which. These new buttons (if real) look a lot easier to differentiate.

  • It may just be deceptive on the photos but is the eject button literally right in front of the disk slot?

    • The PlayStation 4 CUH-1200 C Chassis model is all matte & removed the gloss of the original console. Also it runs quieter than the glossy PS4 model.

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