Ash Could Finally Win A Pokemon League

For the past 20 years, Ash has been losing. To date, he's never won an official Pokemon League, but that could change this month. Ash might finally win his first one. [Image: omegagod11]

Increasingly, Ash has upped his game and has been more formidable in the anime than in year's past. This season, Ash and his Greninja have been kicking arse! It's probably the best he's ever done in League play, and now he's in the freakin' finals.

Next week's show is titled "Kalos League Champion! Ash's Decisive Big Battle!" Ash will face off against Alain, and it's going to be an exciting match.

Watch the preview below:

Everybody should win at least once, even Ash.


    Wow that must be frustrating to everyone who stuck with it for all these years. I remember stopping the moment he let Charazard go. WTF....

      i remember that moment...

      that was the moment that cemented that Ash Ketchum was an idiot.. for me.

    Too much to hope that if he won, the next series would have a new protagonist?

    Uh? Ash won the Orange Islands League back in season 2. I remember it clearly because it was the moment when Charizard decided to finally cooperate with him.

      It was also the only time Ash wasn't completely useless. Except maybe now.

      True, but I'd argue Ash still hasn't won one yet till he gets an official game region league win.

    The worst thing about Ash is his over eagerness to give Pokemon away or release them so they can "go to their families". Maybe that's slang for selling them for glue?

    what episode is it up to now? maybe I will go and download just this tournament so I can finally see Ash win a tournament and put it to rest with a satisfying conclusion. After 20 years.

      this is episode 38 of pokemon xy z which will air this week in august 18

        How do you know that ;)

    I watched earlier episodes of Black and White (Unova) and hated it. For some reason they decided to revert him back to being a clueless idiot that even needed to be coached in how to catch a pokemon, which made absolutely no sense. I've watched quite a few episodes of the X & Y (Kalos) stuff though and it's MUCH better. Ash feels compentent (as he should) after journeying through so many regions and it feels more appropriate to keep him at this level.

    That being said, there's still too much emphasis on 'releasing pokemon' for their happiness etc. I don't know about the japanese dialogue, but the Primeape release is still the dumbest (IMO) in regards to reasoning; after Ash and Primeape won the P1 tournament, the other guy promises to turn him into a 'REAL' P1 champion. And this being after the issue of this guy spending too much time on that very tournament (neglecting his family) and with Ash and Brock both entering for the sake of the daughter in the first place.

    Last edited 14/08/16 10:42 am

    Isn't Ash like 30 years old at this point? You would think he would have improved by now.

      Speaking as someone who just turned 30, absolutely nothing about me has improved, so it's not too far fetched....

    ...and he loses again. Give it a rest, writers. We want to see him win one, for a change!

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