Awesome Photos From Sri Lanka's Comic Con

Sri Lanka had only its second ever Comic Con on the weekend, and it looked like a blast. While the cosplay community may not be as well-established as it is in the West and Asia, there was some quality cosplay on show! Even Harambe turned up (if you've seen a pic of this outfit floating around on Reddit/Imgur, now you know where it came from!).

If you dig these pics, there's a nice little documentary on the founding of the con (and really, the cosplay/geek scene in Sri Lanka in general) here. I wonder how many other cons around the world got their start from a busted email list...

Photos are by Prasanna Welangoda.


    As long as someone else there isnt cosplaying "Dicks out for Harambe".

    Gotta say that's the cutest Harley Quinn I've seen in a while.

    so, we're not going to criticise whiteface?

      Standard Harlequin makeup.

      if your white you cant, that'd be racist.

      The joker and Harley Quinn wear clown make up, even their white representations usually wear that. It would like be accusing of that spiderman of wearing red face

      I'll bite. It's not white face it's joker and harley's face make up. Even there was someone "whiting up" there's no racist history behind it like there is with black face.

      The difference here is that the Joker and Harley Quinn (who I assume you're referring to) wear white makeup in canon (or have suffered chemical bleaching of the skin, which IMO is a dumb plot device). Those cosplayers are mimicking the makeup, not the skin colour. Otherwise a clown outfit would be "whiteface".

      Except they arent cosplaying whiteface. Both character have white makeup on their faces. White people who cosplay these characters also apply white makeup to their faces

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