Bad Girls Done Well

Bad Girls Done Well
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Surprise, Suicide Squad sucks. Here’s some quality DC villain cosplay to start to set things right.

Harley Quinn is Ryoko-demon, Poison Ivy is Rei and Catwoman is Yaya Han. Photos by Kifir.

Bad Girls
Bad Girls
Bad Girls


  • Just saw Suicide Squad and it doesnt suck. Its not great and there are some fucking god awful things about it but in no way does it deserve the bashing its getting. At the very least its a step up from that abortion BvS.

    This however is coming from a guy that enjoyed Independence Day Resurgence for the stupid fun it was so there is that…….

    • Yeah, I don’t know why it seems to be so consistent that critics are bashing it so much, because like yourself, I also think it doesn’t suck and is better than BvS.

      I’ve noticed many of the regular fans who have seen it seem to think it was actually pretty decent, just not amazing. Many of the ones hating it seem to be more focused on the critic scores instead of actually going and seeing it for themselves to form their own opinion.

      • The problem is critics need to approach these from a professional angle. Piss poor story, choppy editing and multiple lackluster characters may not be enough to sway a fan but these people are more focused on the mum and dad taking their 2 kids to the movie. When your talking $100 or so that can only be afforded a few times a year they need to be harsh. Fanboys who are likely still living at home with disposable income just cant seem to comprehend they arent the ones these critics are talking too.

        Like you said people should just go and form their own opinion or just wait and stfu until they see it elsewhere.

        • When people are saying the same thing as critics, it’s more likely they took issue with the same problems.

          Often when we like something that other don’t, we assume there must be some kind of reason.
          That reason is we like something others don’t.

  • Except Suicide Squad was great.
    Sure, it has problems, but it’s still an incredibly enjoyable movie.

  • I like the poison ivy and Harley Quinn stuff in the comics. They should make a movie with them. The feminists would like it, the comic book guys would like it……………Im kind of surprised they have not made it.

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