Banned Overwatch Players Are Not Reacting Well

Overwatch cheaters yesterday were squashed under Blizzard's ban hammer. Predictably, they are whining on cheating forums about it. In the second banwave Blizzard has sent against Overwatch cheaters, players who use bots to boost play were removed from the game. By early June, just a few weeks after the game's release, thousands of players had already been banned for cheating. This time around, Blizzard sniffed out players who use "triggerbots", which shoot for players when their crosshairs appear over a target, and "aimbots", which aid in accuracy.

When contacted, Blizzard did not specify how many cheaters were banned in yesterday's banwave. A quick foray onto Overwatch cheating forums indicates to me that the ban is quite widespread.

Some cheaters report being banned across multiple accounts. One cheater, who coded triggerbots, complained that his entire triggerbot coding team was banned. Players reported facing bans after just trying out a bot even one time.

Online, cheaters are decrying the ban as "unacceptable". Some are even threatening to sue Blizzard, an outlandish idea considering these players violated the game's Terms of Use and made the game less fun for honest players. A Reddit user yesterday unearthed some of the more priceless responses to the recent banwave. Here are those and a few more:

Blizzard told us in an email that they're committed to "providing an equal and fair playing field for everyone in Overwatch", adding that they will continue to take action against cheaters.

"If a player is found to be cheating — or using hacks, bots, or third-party software that provides any sort of unfair advantage — that player will be permanently banned from the game. Full stop," a Blizzard representative wrote on a Battlenet forum before the game's release.

The moral: Don't cheat. Not only are you ruining the game — you look like an idiot.


    oh joy, Kotaku us is posting Alex's article from yesterday today until the title of another author

    bwhahaha stupid cheaters.
    if u use hacks then you deserve to get the ban hammer. good on u blizzard.


    So happy. They get what they deserve.

    This is awesome. What's even more awesome is that the cheaters STILL think they did nothing wrong.

      But I only did it ONCE!!!!1

      Like, even if that's true, you still cheated. But here's the thing. We know you didn't, man. You and your "pro" team? You got where you are by cheating. You're not special, and apparently not even talented. Suck it.

        I like the idea of taking the logic of these people and applying it elsewhere, just to see how batshit crazy things can get...

        "But my client only murdered the victim ONCE!"

      They especially don't have a leg to stand on considering it was announced by Blizzard *before the game came out* that this would happen.

      Last edited 03/08/16 2:05 pm

    To be fair its not like Blizzard has a 14 year history on being tough on cheaters... oh wait they do. So your fair warning Blizzard: Gold Medal Ban Hammer Champion since 2002. (also Silver Medal in Nerf Bat)

    They also been dealing with people who were and werent unfairly banned, and verifying bans for just as ling and are still in business to this day so the threats wont cut it.

    Also last guy to threaten them with violence in HotS got arrested.


    ime hacking since born.

    HACKING SINCE BORN!!!!!1121!one!1

    I had noticed a sudden increase of Widowmakers, Hanzos and McRees with really low ranks getting some amazing shots from such long distance as of late ....

    An Idea I have had before, and I think it would be amusing, is if Blizz (or any other game maker for that matter) put cheaters into a server of their own.

    So if you cheat and are caught, instead of outright ban, just dump them into a server that has nothing but cheaters in it.... normal people wouldnt get into these games, and cheaters can annoy each other without logging into a normal server until they reach then end of a ban timer).

      Lol does that with toxic players.

        No it doesn't. They discussed the idea several times (under the concept name "prisoner island") but ultimately decided it wasn't a good idea.

      Been done in other games... not sure on the success or toxicity that segregration develops.

      I would like them transferred to a server full of automated bots that "cheat" till they Ragequit.

      Else if they want to cheat find a lmsmall development game with no moderation or punkbuster and go nuts being the big fish in the small pond you egotestical cheaters

      Love this idea. It's not stopping people playing the game, it just means they're playing with people like themselves... Also - life bans I disagree with on first offence. One week in the cheatserverdungeon for first offence. One month for the second. Permacheatserver for a third.

      See also: Juicelympics... ;)

      Sounds fair, but running and maintaining servers costs money, especially if they want to run servers worldwide... but I guess a high-lag cheat-only server would be just as much of a punishment. Certainly better than a complete ban.

      Would be fun if Blizz threw in a bot that would randomly join a team that was completely invincible to troll the cheaters.........

        Yes, I'd love to see cheaters forced to play with a practically invincible bot that can instakill them and has no cooldowns on abilities.

      Didn't Darksouls 3 do this? People who hacked or cheated were put into a server cluster that only allowed them to interact or invade other peeps who are in the same boat.

    Where on Earth do these people get all this privilege from?
    Believing it's their right to cheat? Their right to ruin the experience for everyone else? That level 300 with cheats is something to be proud of?

    You got caught! Shut up, and take it.

      Stems from buying something and owning it and doing what you want with it. Mod community is pretty darn big on PC. To some, this isn't any different in their eyes. Their idea of fun is ruining the fun of others, see plenty of that in MMOs that are completely legit, or those P2W games with disposable cash. "Pay money, you can do what you want" attitude.

      I like the idea of a "cheater" server commented above, where they can do whatever they want without impacting serious players.

        Stems from buying something and owning it and doing what you want with it.

        Such fucking hogwash. It's got nothing to do with that. My mind is blown that someone would actually think that.... go drink some more corporate koolaid.

          I sure hope you kiss your mother with that mouth! And not on the mouth!

    With no prizes or money involved I've never really been able to understand why someone would spend their time cheating in multiplayer video games.

    I love this so much.

    I wish i could see their reactions in real life, I want to be there with them going "nawwww diddums"

    F#ck cheaters.

      They need to have a script it so if it detects cheaters who stream at the same time cheating... that the ban is suspended until their next stream and waits form uses the hack... then ban message. The twitch videos would be priceless... thier chat would blast them.

        just search banned during stream in youtube.

        Last edited 03/08/16 10:36 pm

    So glad to hear this. Have experience a couple of cheaters in the last week or so and was wondering when the next wave was going to hit.

    I mean being able to stomp a team and the one player disconnects and then rejoins once the map changes sides and then suddenly can't miss headshots and is able to solo team kill as Hanzo never ever missing and being able to predict people through walls with scattershot.... Yeah right. Especially when he couldn't hit shit 5 minutes ago.

    Brb guys I just need to 'freshen up'.

    I have also heard that the bans go across multiple games.

    I love the mentality of the cheaters too. Such whingers.

    It's absolutely STAGGERING how self-centred and lacking in self-awareness these douchebags are. Just staggering. Acting affronted and self-righteous and planning revenge against Blizzard because THEY got punished for CHEATING. Seeing the dumbasses who call themselves "best Overwatch players" when they were USING CHEATS is just enough to make me weep for mankind. I think abortion should not only be legal worldwide, in the cases of morons like this it should be applied retroactively.

    As others have said, i just don't understand the mentality here. When you are running an aimbot or wallhack or some shit like that, what sense of achievement do you have when you win? Its not you being good, its you being unwilling to get good the way everybody else has to!

    > playing a game with characters that have aimbot and wall vision
    > still shit at game
    > better use hacks instead of confronting how much of a failure i am at every aspect of my life
    > cry myself to sleep into waifu body pillow


    A better solution would be: instead of completely banning the players, make it so that their matchmaking will only match them against other people found to cheat. They'll then be faced with infuriating queue times and forced to play with/against people who are equally matched (at least in essence).

    Thank god, blizzard is actively removing cheaters!!!! The biggest reason I stopped playing csgo is because of having cheater in 1/10 ranked matches completely ruining it.. Thanks blizzard for being proactive about it and curbing this type of stuff right away! If you cheat in a multiplayer video game you are the low of low. Get rekd cheaters/exploiters!! LOLOL

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